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Blooms on a Budget from Somewhere Splendid via the Budget Savvy Bride

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm going to take a break from the series today to bring you some great news. I'm excited to announce that Blooms on a Budget will now be sponsored by Blooms by the Box, a company I've worked with since my days as the blogger behind the Inspired Bride. They sell a wide variety of fresh flowers by the bunch at affordable prices, and our partnership with them will open the door for new, boutique flower options that I may not be able to source locally. This opens a lot of opportunities for both myself and for you, the readers. We'd like to offer the opportunity for Blooms on a Budget reader requests! Are you looking to incorporate a specific flower or color? Let me know in the comments section and I'll keep these requests in mind as I plan the next few months. If you have an event you are planning for (like a wedding or bridal shower), please let me know what month it will be in so I can make sure I use flowers that will be in season. Sound off below!


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Maddy Hague is the blogger behind the nesting blog Somewhere Splendid, which covers crafts, party and home decor, recipes, and more. She is also a co-founder of the new budget-minded wedding and party crafts site, Confetti Pop.

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  • Angela

    I’d love to see herbal bouquets! We’re trying to make our wedding as green as possible, so we love the idea of being able to dry and cook with our “flowers” after the fact.

  • Kelley K

    I’m planning a winter wedding (January 4) in Massachusetts. Would love to see either bouquets or centerpieces for this season (and, for the latter, something that would blend well / look great with candles).

  • Debbie

    Mid-October wedding, looking for the rich fall hues, reds, oranges, purples? Without going overboard on the price!

    • Debbie

      And, as an additional piece, I am really not a fan of roses, generally! They have never been my cup o’ tea, so to speak.

  • Amanda

    We are having a late summer/ early fall wedding and I’m looking for ideas for the bouquets. I would love to see a bouquet made of deep purples, cobalt blues, and fuchsias and with more wildflower-type flowers ( not a huge fan of “typical” wedding flowers such as roses and lilies.)

    • Lizzie

      my wedding is also late summer/ early fall and I would love something wildflower-ish for my bouquet!! (also not a rose/lilly fan)

  • Charmae

    I am planning an October wedding in Charleston, SC and my color scheme is orange! I love tulips but I am really looking for wildflowers as well! Orange, Yellow and along those lines of hues!

  • I’d like to see ways to mix flowers and other elements (brooches, “fillers”, crystals or pearls, etc) in a way that’s both affordable and elegant.

  • KellyNicole

    Love the idea!! I would love to see an all white bouquet, and especially love peonies.TY!

  • Stick

    I’m looking for fluffy flowers like tea roses, peonies (probably not budget friendly) and ranunculus in white or purple. It will be late september in the bay area. Also if you have ideas that will go great on long rectangular tables (farm table style) rather than round tables, I’d love to see them.

  • Sarah V.

    I’ll be getting married on August 10th this year, and I’d love to see a centerpiece that will coordinate well with our bouquets, which will be along this particular style: What flowers you use isn’t important, just something affordable. We are definitely incorporating calla lilies into the bridal party flowers, but even that doesn’t NEED to be in the centerpiece.

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