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After weeks of cluttering my hard drive with photos and vintage inspiration boards from numerous, scattered wedding blogs, I found that not only was a cohesive, gorgeous wedding style not magically coming together on its own, but that I was confusing myself to a ridiculous extent. I have a problem. I fall in love with photos. As a photographer, that's great. As a bride to be trying to pull together a wedding style, not so much. I was being drawn to way too many different looks. And lets face it, there are SO many gorgeous wedding looks out there! Picking just ONE is difficult! (And even more so for the artistically minded). I was completely lost.

So in an attempt to de-clutter both my mind and my desktop, I decided to draw inspiration as I should have from the start – from the things my fiance and I love. Not just images I love, but the things in our life that we are both truly inspired by. We both love books and music. I love classic elegance and vintage details. He loves modern simplicity. I love the ocean. We both love color. Things started to come together…

Vintage Inspiration

Our blue, grey, and chartreuse, anthropologie-inspired soiree was born. Think classic, Jane Austen elegance with pops of modern color and hand crafted details.

Vintage Inspiration

And Christmas lights. Lots and lots of Christmas lights…

Vintage Inspiration

Photos: (clockwise from the top), Stephanie Williams photography, Priscila Valentina photography,,, Aaron Shintaku photography. Tent photo from

*Note- A few photos are lacking proper credit due to the length of time they've been sitting on my desktop. Forgive me for this sad lack of recognition and please write me if you happen to know the source for any images I've used. Thanks!

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  • Melisah

    What are you talking about!?? I think your ideas are coming together wonderfully!! And I'm not just saying that cause your my best friend or because I'm in the wedding!
    Jess I think your artisticness is shining through this wedding beautifully! Your doing a great job!!!
    I Love You!!!!!!!

    xoxo, Melisah.

  • Absolutely LOVE the shoes. Who makes them? Beautiful beautiful photos!

  • jesscurrier

    I love these shoes too Alexis! unfortunately I think these ones are Christian Louboutins, which run upwards of $600 a pair. ridiculous. Good news though is that I've seen VERY similar shoes on sites like and for around the $40-$70 range!

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