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Blue Suede (Wedding) Shoes

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As you read my posts, you’ll notice I reference my Pinterest board a lot. I love that Pinterest makes it so easy to share our wedding style/theme inspiration with all of you. While it’s very easy to use the site as a repository of beautiful and unattainable dreams (ha ha),  I really try to limit this particular board to almost-final decisions. However, I have a lot of ideas, and when I circle around to a task that needs doing, I tend to pin a lot of pictures around the theme at hand. later on I go back, look for patterns, and narrow my focus. Thus, if you’re following the board, your feed may have been inundated with many, many pictures of shoes. Sorry about that. 😉


In my dress post from a week or so back, I gave y’all a sneak peak of my dress, which is tea-length and so fabulous I can’t even stand it. Seriously, I daydream about wearing that snazzy item all. day. long. Last month, with the dress in and the fitting looming, it hit me that I need to start thinking about accessories. Tea-length dresses lend themselves very well to fabulous shoes because, well, you can see them! So, to the internet I went, scouring, scouring, for the perfect pair.

So many choices, people, so many choices.

Other than fitting a $50 budget, I had three criteria: 1) fit my super-wide feet, 2) have a heel under 3 inches (I am tall AND klutzy), and c) be a simple style with a vintage 40’s/50’s feel. After all that searching, a trip to Macy’s ensued, and there, right in front of my eyes, were the shoes. After a 15% off in-store offer and a 20% coupon from my cell phone, these darling blue shoes came to just under $50. Score!

budget-savvy-tip blue shoes

If you have a WIFI-capable phone, I highly suggest connecting to the internet in your favorite stores. This is a great and effortless way to save on all of your purchases, and every little bit helps!

 blue shoes

These shoes (INC International Concepts Womens Zita Pumps from Macys) were the very first pair I pinned, which furthers my belief that the gut instinct is usually the best one. These shoes hit all the marks and, as an added bonus, they reference one of our wedding colors, which in case you didn’t know, are navy, champagne, and a turquoise/robin’s egg blue (similar to Jessica’s brunch inspiration post). If you’re wondering,  I am incorporating the old/new/borrowed/blue tradition into our wedding day (there’s a whole ‘nother post on that!), but the shoes are not part of that….their blue-ness is just a happy coincidence.


Funny story, I brought these shoes with me when I went for my first fitting, and as soon as I saw the contrast of the navy against the silvery ivory, I was S-O-L-D sold. My family and best friend tend toward “traditional” wedding attire, so they were understandably a little wary at the thought of the shoes not matching the dress. Once they saw them on, though, they loved the combo! The bridal consultants? Not so much. I was the four time recipient of the patented bride-is-crazy side-eye. My consultant actually pulled me into the dressing room and very sweetly pleaded with me to find a pair of ivory shoes for the ceremony. Apparently, color is to be relegated to the picture and dancing portion of the wedding day only, as it detracts from the angelic vision I’m supposed to perpetuate. Hah!


My sister and MOH, Erin, put a quick stop to that conversation ! She said: “Shannon, do YOU love the shoes?” I *love* the shoes. “Well, then, decision made!”




What do you all think of the shoes? What “non-traditional”/unexpected aspects have you considered when choosing your wedding attire?


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