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Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower
My mom spoiled me with a too-cute bridal shower with a “Breakfast At Tiffany's” theme.

I knew my mother was crafty but she even surpassed my expectations on this one by throwing me the cutest bridal shower. Because we moved across Washington State one year ago and we have family all over Washington and Oregon, my mother threw me a bridal shower on the east side of the state and dear fiance's aunties threw me a shower on the west side. This way, we invited family to the showers according to where they live.

The first shower was held at my house in Waitsburg, Wash., at the end of September. My mother showed up in Waitsburg the Thursday before the party with a massive to-do list and shower goals in mind. She worked like a mad woman baking, cooking and decorating and the results were great! She gave me the low-down on all of the details and where she saved and splurged.

Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower
Mom made the cupcakes and Aunt Linda decorated them.

Mom said she saved the most money on the food for the party. Rather than doing a full lunch, she made finger foods and desserts. We had soft cheese in phyllo cups, chicken salad on rye triangles, baby quiche, deviled eggs and ham roll-ups. To drink, we had prosecco and peach bellinis with peach puree. For dessert, mom made white cake cupcakes using a simple (and cheap) box mix and made fancy cream cheese frosting. My talented Aunt Linda brought out her cake decorating kit and decorated the cupcakes.

The decor was varied and fun. She ordered cardboard chandeliers and painted them white and hung them. All of the dishes and servingware was borrowed from ladies who attended. The tablecloths were vintage lace and cost her about $15 each. She also wrapped different sizes of boxes in blue paper and tied them with white ribbon to look like Tiffany & Co. boxes. For decorations for guests, she bought faux pearl necklaces to wear from a party store for cheap. She purchased a giant martini glass for about $15 to hold the necklaces.

Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower
Loved the elegance of the borrowed serving dishes and the fun Tiffany boxes.

Every guest got to leave and take with them a small Tiffany blue box wrapped with white ribbon and a faux diamond ring on top. Inside the boxes were peanut butter and chocolate Godiva truffles. Yum!

Before the invitations went out, mom asked me what we needed most. For us, we needed dishes and glassware, so mom made this a dishware and glassware shower. It worked out really well because we got exactly what we needed.

Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower
We got some of our Kate Spade toasting glasses to go with our china and this beautiful wine carafe!

I specifically asked my mother not to play games at the shower. Admittedly, some are very fun, but many are not. My dream was just for this shower to be mellow full of girl talk and catching up with family and friends I hadn't seen in a while. Little did I know, cousin Sarah's little girl Stella would be the life of the party — especially when she crawled into one of the large empty gift bags!


Breakfast At Tiffany's bridal shower
Our party entertainment — Stella in a bag!

Have you had a shower with a fun theme? What was it? Are there any bridal shower games that you like?




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Jillian, age 26, runs a weekly newspaper in a small town in Eastern Washington State. Her wedding date is set for Dec. 15, 2012 and loves the challenges and possible snow that comes with a winter wedding. While she's not running around reporting and hanging out with her family of newsies, she is reading, laughing, cuddling her kitty, dancing or sitting on her porch in the sunshine with her husband to be.

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  • Angel

    I told my hostesses I did not want to play games either. It seems like I play the same games at every single bridal shower I go to and they are never much fun, more just something to fill the time. Instead of doing games we are going to have a craft activity. Each guest will get to make their own craft and it will double as their favor. We decided to do sugar cookie mix in mason jars. My shower is in three weeks, I can’t wait!

  • Corn

    My Bridal Shower

    Theme: Around the Clock
    Each person attending was assigned an hour of the day. The hour they receive will be the type of gift they will bring. Ex- 6:00am; coffee maker, noon; apron and bowls, 7:00pm ice cream maker, 1:00am lingerie, etc…
    It’s a fun idea to let the guest be creative and you get an assortment of gifts.

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