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So on Friday I said goodbye to a relationship I have been in for 8 years. Breaking up after 8 years was a tough decision… I spent so much time thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons… but ultimately I knew in my heart it had to be done. The worst part of it was, he just kept asking me why? That's when I lost my cool… but I gotta say, that even though we are parting ways, I will always have so much respect and fondness for the way things were and the times we shared…

Of course I'm not talking about my relationship with E! Did I make ya nervous? haha… no… on Friday I ended an 8 year service relationship with Verizon Wireless. I really have nothing bad to say about the company- I always had service, never had any problems, and whenever I was up for a new phone I usually got a deep discount. But this time around things were different. After our 8 year relationship, all they wanted to offer me was $50 off my new phone… um…. that's unacceptable. So, being the ever-loving Mac snob that I am, I went out bright and early Friday morning and grabbed up a shiny new white iPhone 3G! 🙂 I am loving it so far. I got to catch up on all my favorite blogs that I've missed over the week because I've been so busy at work- all from the comfort of the passenger seat of my car as E drove us home to my parents house in Middle TN. The internet access alone is worth the cost of the phone or the plan!

But I had to make the call today. I had to call old VZW and tell them that it's been fun, but it's time to move on. They really didn't take it so well. The customer service rep really did just keep asking me why I wanted to cancel my service. I felt like an adulterer admitting infidelity when I let the words, “I signed a contract with a different carrier,” slip from my quivering lips. The rep asked if I had any displeasure with the company- if they had done something wrong that would make me want to leave. I told them no, of course, that it was nothing to do with them as the company- it was just that I had different needs that they couldn't fit. I didn't have the heart (or balls) to tell them that I ditched them solely for the sleek, shiny new 3G iPhone- that would be like admitting that you were leaving your spouse for a hot young piece of booty- and that's just plain cruel. I think it would have just twisted the knife a little further than I wanted. After all, I've had a very pleasant relationship with Verizon. Well after they agreed to cancel my service, they told me that I had already paid the bill for this month and so my phone number and service would still be active until the 7th of August. They repeatedly let me know that they'd still be there for me if I decided I wanted to come back, and there was a glimmer of hope in the sound of the rep's voice. It was really very sad.

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