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I've always been pretty low maintenance. I like to look nice, but full make-up and hair on a daily basis is too much effort for me. I wear mascara every day, and I do get my face threaded every three weeks because if I didn't I would look like a Persian teenage boy. I generally don't spend a whole lot of money on beauty items or treatments, so what is it about getting married that causes me no heartache to shell out cash to look nice on this one day?! I feel so vain! I've never spent this much time thinking about what I will or should look like, it's weird! Does anyone else feel this way?

Bridal Beauty
My everyday look, ok, minus the giraffe face

Somehow the cost of looking pretty for the wedding has gone steadily up and I have accepted it blindly. First it was the dermatologist who put me on medication to take each month to keep my skin clear (there's $15 a month gone). She also suggested I get facials regularly… ok, sure, sounds great! I've never really had a facial as it always seemed sort of indulgent and unnecessary to me but now my doctor was practically prescribing it so I had to do it, right? Luckily my boss, someone with the means to indulge in facials every 5-6 weeks, suggested her aesthetician and so I went. $95 later my skin did look pretty good and so I scheduled another one for 10 days before the wedding. (what!? it was worth it, don't judge)

For LA ladies I highly recommend Kim Fisher.

Bridal Beauty
I think that chick is enjoying this a little too much

Next came my hair. I have been growing it long for a while now. I like it long, and I am pretty bad about getting it cut regularly, once a year is my average and I know you are supposed to have it cut every 4-5 months but F that! I can't afford that! (I'm not going to super cuts, sorry.) So the last time my hair was cut was about 7 months ago. I had a Groupon for a salon I had not been to and I figured it was a good deal so why not, my hair would have to be cut eventually. Unfortunately the guy cut more than I asked for (why do they always seem to do that!). This left me scared to have another cut before the wedding. My hair will be fine, I told myself, it will be long and it will look good, it doesn't need any trimming or polishing! Well, that was 7 months ago, and now my hair seems to be taking over my head, face, shoulders, and most of my back. It's not looking great and it feels even worse. Bridesmaid Jenn informed me I HAD to get it cut before the wedding, insisting her hairstylist would NOT cut too much. So guess what, next week I will be spending another $75 to have my hair cut (plus tip!).

Bridal Beauty
That hairstylist is in for a world of hurt should she cut my hair too short!

I knew I would not be spending money on hair and make-up for the day of the wedding; these are things I can do myself or with the help of bridesmaid Jenn as she is really good at that stuff (she used to be a model and has a lot of experience with make-up). Jenn graciously offered to do a trial with me and using a mix of her stuff (mostly MAC) and my stuff (mostly Smashbox and random stuff my mother gifted me), we came up with this look:

Bridal Beauty
Oh hi pretty lady, do I know you?

I was really happy with it, I felt like I looked like myself and it lasted all day with the help of MAC's prep and prime skin refined zone. Neither of us had a foundation that matched my skin (since I don't wear it) but we both felt I would need to wear it the day of. So guess what! I've got to buy me some foundation! Luckily, I have a Sephora gift card leftover from Christmas (thanks mom!) and I plan to use it to purchase the right color foundation before the wedding. Now on to hair, I sort of did this myself as Jenn was busy feeding her baby but she will help me to do something similar the day of the wedding.

Bridal BeautyBridal Beauty
The hair flower is made by Paper Silk Made, from Etsy, it was $38. The placement is kinda weird in the photo plus its kinda blurry but you get the idea 🙂

So I feel pretty good about the free or next to free beauty things I am having taken care of but all that other stuff adds up. I will still have to have my little boy hair pulled from my face, that will be another $25 with tip. I already talked myself out of having my leg and arm hair waxed (why do I have to be this hairy?). Is it wrong that I don't want to include these expenses in our budget? I feel so selfish and vain for spending this money to look nice, when, is it really necessary? The fact is I am willing to spend my own money on it and I don't expect to take it out of our decided budget, that may be unfair to some but I am at peace with it.

How about you? Have you had feelings of vanity as well? How have you dealt with it? What treatments have you indulged in in the name of bridal beauty?

Bridal Beauty

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  • I just had my first facial this past weekend(birthday gift) but I do have to say I will have another one or two before the wedding. I also started taking hair vitamins, not necessarily to make my hair grow faster just stronger. But I will be having my hair professionally done as well as my makeup. I don't feel like it's an unneccessary expense, if you feel good because you look great than who cares!

  • Jenn

    If you live near an Aveda Institute or Ulta, you can get discounted (but still awesome!) facials. 'Cause $95 is too much IMO.

  • LOL I love this post, Meg. Thanks for your candor.
    I was initially very laissez-faire about day-of beauty, and was convinced i was just going to do my makeup myself. I tried numerous different "looks" and trips to Sephora started adding up before I decided to just suck it up and have a makeup trial at my salon.
    I also went the dermatologist route (not even knowing that I apparently had "problem" skin, more for a sun damage exam), and the hair has been growing nonstop. Yours is lovely… mine is getting chopped at the first opportunity. BLECH.

  • Meg

    That's great Emily! Facials are fabulous, I'm a convert! No I agree, make-up and hair professionally done is worth it! I'm just lucky I can forgo it cause I have the help of a friend who is talented in those things

    Nice tip! Thanks Jenn! I think there is an Aveda here in LA

    Long hair is kinda a pain, I will probably chop mine off after the wedding too, I hope your make-up trial goes well!

  • kirabee

    Did anyone ever tell you that you look like the actress Lindsay Sloane? Cause in that hair pic on the left, you totally do!

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