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Bridal Budgets: A Simple Way to Save

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Guest Blogger

The man of your dreams just popped the question and you are riding high on a cloud of excitement, but after the initial engagement starts to settle down the actual planning process begins, and before you know it the bridal budgets quickly start to add up. What most people don’t realize is that the average wedding costs around $20,000 (honeymoon not included)! There are many ways to cut some costs on your big day that don’t require you to make sacrifices on your wedding dress, wedding venue, or wedding vision.

I opted to cut costs without having to sacrifice on all of the things I dreamed of growing up or by miraculously turning into Martha Stewart overnight. I cut savings in a way no one but me would even notice- the wedding cake.

The wedding cake is where a ton of money can be saved and your guests will never be the wiser. Start by purchasing a cutting cake for display then serve a sheet cake to your guests. Your display cake can be smaller than multi-tiered wedding cakes. Let’s be honest, no one is tracking down your cake once it leaves the reception. It’s usually cut in the kitchen and out of sight of all your guests, anyway! Just make sure your frosting matches the color of your cutting cake and your guests will be none the wiser! I went with a simple sheet cake from Safeway because they truly do taste amazing. I even got my cutting cake from them, too! Don’t underestimate the decorators at a chain store or local grocery, they still provide professional work.

If you are wary of their abilities, you can always order a basic frosted tier then decorate it yourself with fresh flowers. Just pick up some flowers on your way out. Most grocery stores have an in-house florist that can handle special orders, should they not stock the flowers you want. I would also compare their rates to most wedding florists, the savings would astound you!

Until next time, wishing you happy planning and a happy wedding.

Kim is a contributing blogger from WedNet.  She married her best friend in 2005 and now has two beautiful girls.

Guest Blogger

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