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Bridal Fitness: Hula Hoop Workout

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If you’re looking to get fit before the wedding, perhaps you should consider investing in a hula hoop instead of a gym membership. The first time I picked one up was five years ago when I watched an awesome video on YouTube. Turns out the woman named Rayna was a certified instructor for fitness and dance for Hoopnotica. I spent some time looking them up and immediately found a DIY hoop tutorial and hurried to Home Depot to purchase supplies. It was nice to make the hoop myself, but I ended up with enough materials for 9 more hoops! It’s definitely easier to stick to buying a beginner hoop or Hoop Kit from Hoopnotica.


My homemade hoops are great for learning new tricks and throwing around, but Hoopnotica heard of my urgency to lose 2” before I bought my wedding gown and graciously sent me this two-in-one hoop to aid in my weight loss goal! Their hoops are handmade with love here in California and more importantly, they make instructional DVDs to learn on your own. They have a location in Venice, they offer sweet tutorials online & they certify instructors across the country. I’ve also seen and shared some of their inspiring posts, lovely images and, of course, their sales on Facebook!! In my opinion everyone should have a hula hoop.


hoop set
Here I am with “the Mrs’” in Morro Bay, CA. My lovely photographer is Chuckles.

Because I’ve never liked going to the gym, or running for that matter, the decision to do a hula hoop workout was easy.  It’s a fun, low impact cardio workout and quite perfect for me. It is also boosting my coordination and confidence for when I take my long walk down the aisle! For the next 30 days I will be using my hoop, thoughtfully named “the Mrs.”, to hopefully lose 2” total to tone up before my wedding day.

In one hour hooping you can burn between 400-600 calories in the comfort of your living room. It’s so effective because it engages several muscle groups simultaneously including abs, glutes and thighs. The Mrs. is also weighted which results in a more intense workout! Regular hula hoops that you can get at a toy store barely weigh anything and don’t give you nearly the same results!

A new Hoop costs $19-$69 individually or you can get a Hoop Kit starting at $29.99. The cost of an average gym membership without a pool in central California is $120+ per year, while the Snow Day Warm Up Kit with 4 DVDs, a breakaway fitness hoop, and a mini hoop for your Christmas tree in only $89! I cannot say enough about how I feel I am getting the better deal here- plus I’ll be having alot more fun than running on a hamster wheel at the gym.

* Sarah received a hoop for free in exchange for her review. All opinions are 100% her own. 

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