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Bridal Party Gift Ideas

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One of the first things I did when I got engaged was sit down and make a list of gifts I wanted to get for my Bridesmaids. I knew that they would be putting a lot of money, time and effort into the big day, so I wanted them to feel appreciated once the day arrived. I knew that I wanted to get them each a few things that were personalized, as well as a few things they would be able to use often. I also thought about things they will be able to use on our wedding day, and then again afterwards. Bridal party gifts can be so much fun to buy and budget friendly if you take the time to think about what to get.

The first thing that came to mind was jewelry. While I would have loved to buy each one of them a Kate Spade Knot bracelet for them to wear during the wedding, that just wasn’t affordable for 7 girls so I continued thinking about this. There are several budget friendly ideas for smaller jewelry, earrings, thread bracelets and Etsy rings are just a few. Here are 3 I found that I am sure any bridesmaid would love to get!

bridesring / bracelet / earrings


I thought that something to carry everything in for the wedding day would be nice, and they could also use it as a beach bag or everyday bag afterwards.


chevron / bridesmaid / clutch


Of course they will need something to wear for all of the cute photo ops! There are a few options for this, here are some of my favorites.


robe / hoodie (make sure it zips-gotta watch out for the hair) / button up

On the day of it’s nice to give them a few other things personalized for them.


hanger / glass / mirror

These are not all specific items I purchased, but still great and budget savvy ideas!


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