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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Like many brides, each of my bridesmaids has a different style and feels comfortable in different things. This played a huge factor in choosing bridesmaids dresses. I have spent hours upon hours looking online at bridesmaid dresses, from custom dresses on Etsy to dresses on bridal websites, yet I was never able to find one that I knew each of them would love.
Many people will tell you that you are the bride and it is your choice, which in the end it is, but it means a lot to me for these girls to be standing by me on my wedding day. I want them to feel comfortable and have a good time, and I especially want them to dance! I knew that this would mean each bridesmaid would be in a different dress of their choosing, but how could I make this work?
I decided that each bridesmaid would have to get a mint dress in the same fabric. I also knew that purchasing dresses from different stores would mean the shades of mint did not match up, so in the end I wanted them to all be from the same store as well. These are some of the photos I sent the bridesmaids for their opinions.
Bridesmaids 1
bridesmaids 2
via- Budget Savvy Bride
In October, I was able to get 6 of my 7 gals together to go bridesmaid dress shopping. I made two appointments at two different bridal stores, first we went to Alfred Angelo. The girls looked around for dresses, picked a few they liked and then tried them on. In the end we decided only a few of them would work. If we were't able to find anything at the next store, I knew I would be happy with a few girls wearing the same dress but I was hopeful that wouldn’t be our last resort. I also didn’t totally love the shade of mint they offered.
Our next appointment was at David’s Bridal, the girls set off again to each pick out a few dresses and I picked a few of my favorites. Two of the girls found their dresses right away, and I was happy! The shade of mint is perfect and I was falling in love with the dress options. It took another 45 minutes, but everyone ended up with a different dress all in the same shade and fabric with similar lengths. There were also two options left for the 7th Bridesmaid. We had such a fun day and I can’t wait to see all of them in their dresses!
photo 3
I put my dress on for the BM's to see, so we took a photo of them hiding it
Besides the dresses, I didn’t care too much about accessories or shoes. I told all of the girls they could wear any shoe they wanted, as long as it was purple. This has worked out really well, it makes it easier (and cheaper for some) to be able to find their own shoes to match their style and that of their dress. Each one sends me a picture when they pick out a pair just to be sure that I like it, and then we are good to go!

How did you pick Bridesmaid dresses?

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