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Bridesmaid Dresses

Ok, have you SEEN J. Crew bridal yet?!

J. Crew bridal

Ok I know I know I know. It's J. Crew, and this is a budget-savvy website. Believe you me, I will be the first to tell you that I'm that girl who will wistfully walk by one in the mall, longing after like, everything in the store, but never actually buying anything because a sweater costs $85 and OH MY GOSH how many other things can you buy for $85?! Girl, I GOT YOU. But hear me out: I have fallen in la-la-love with their bridesmaid dress selection!

The thing is, I have bridesmaids all over. Well, not totally all over, but I have one that lives in Minnesota and another in Washington DC and another on the east side of Michigan and the rest are over here with me on the west side. That being said, I needed to come up with a place where all of my fave girls can get beautiful dresses WHEREVER they are.

I had done some shopping around, but nothing really spoke to me. Until I found myself on J. Crew's website. Then A LOT of things spoke to me (:

J. Crew bridal

I love their selection of fabrics, colors, and styles. The prices are on the higher end (they usually range from $200-275), BUT they run sales quite a bit and right now you can pick up some super cute styles for $70. Plus, shipping is free, and you can return anything that doesn't work to any J. Crew store! Easy peasy.

For exact locations for their bridal boutiques, check out their website here (not all J. Crew stores carry the bridal dresses).  There are only a handful, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Seattle, but lucky for me and my bridesmaids, there is also one located in Troy, Michigan! If you can get out to a store, I would HIGHLYYYY recommend it, ESPECIALLY if you're anywhere close to the Michigan one. The consultant is absolutely fabulous!

Since my bridesmaids are literally every height and every body type, I knew that one dress for all of them would completely not work. I did want the look to be kind of cohesive, though. Again, I'm going with a bit formal and a bit traditional, so I chose their silk taffeta dresses in black. The girls were totally on the same page (this is where Facebook messaging comes in waaaaay handy!!), so we went for it!  The dresses are even more stunning in person: they are well-made, high quality, and the strapless ones even have (very supportive) built in bras (total plus, right?!)!

J. Crew bridalThe funniest thing? 5 out of my 6 bridesmaids have their dresses already, and each of them chose a different one out of the 6 styles (I told you I couldn't pick out just one dress for them all to wear NO WAY!). They all agree it's worth the little extra splurge to get a way cute, WAY wear-again-able dress (they make very cute LBDs). I am just ecstatic that they're ecstatic!

So how is your bridesmaid dress search going? Are you going with all the same dresses or different styles? Anyone else obsessed with J. Crew?? Oh p.s. has anyone seen Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids on TLC? SO DRAMA haha (:

Enjoy your weeks!

J. Crew bridal

Katie Cross

is a bride blogger who got married in 2011. You can read her wedding planning posts here.