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Bridesmaid Drops Out of Wedding Right Before the Bells. Was She Wrong?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you are being excluded from an important event? Read a true story of one bridesmaid who was mistreated and ostracized by the bride-to-be and other wedding party members.

A close friendship was tested when a bridesmaid dropped out of her best friend’s wedding right before the big day. For the sake of her story, we’ll call her Jane. Jane and the groom, Tom, have been close friends since their teenage years. Their mothers have been friends since college, and Tom’s mother is her godmother. 

The Situation

Tom asked Jane to be a bridesmaid and his brother Jim to be a groomsman. The rest of the wedding party was Ann’s friends and family. Tom and his mother noticed that Jane was being treated differently by the bride-to-be and other wedding party members. 

Despite her attempts to bond with them, they were cold and distant towards her. “During dress shopping day, I noticed that all the other girls were very cold towards me. They would ignore my attempts to initiate conversation or give short answers. 

Every time I was with them, I tried to bond. Still, I was uncomfortable with the situation until Ann’s cousin started attending these events and interacting with me.”

Coming to a Head

Things came to a head when the bridesmaid’s godmother, the groom’s mother, discovered that the bridesmaid had not attended the bridal shower or bachelorette party. 

She confronted Jane, who informed her that she had not been invited to either event and that the wedding party was excluding her deliberately. Jane showed her godmother her phone as evidence of not receiving any email invitations, phone calls, or text messages. 

Ultimately, Ann was confronted about the situation and admitted that she never wanted Jane or Tom’s brother Jim as part of her wedding party

Dropping Out of the Wedding

After Tom discovered Jane’s mistreatment, he was angry with her for not informing him about how his bride-to-be and her wedding party were treating her. Jane explained that she didn’t want to add to his plate and create more arguments around the wedding.

Ultimately, Jane decides to step down as a bridesmaid only days away from the wedding, and Ann and her bridal party are furious. Many are accusing her of doing it to seek “revenge” on Ann and ruining her big day. 

However, Jane insists that she just wanted to avoid further drama and allow the wedding to proceed smoothly. What do you think? Here is how the internet responded. 

Ann Is Revealing Her True Character

Someone stated that the bride, Ann, was revealing her true character and advised the groom, Tom, to take notice before it was too late. Another noted, “Trying to isolate him from his friends. He seems to have no say in the decor in his house or groom’s party—many red flags.”

Ann Is a Controlling Manipulator

Many in the thread believed that “Ann is about to have Tom lose a friendship and a brotherhood. But, unfortunately, Tom is too blind to see it.”

Another agreed that Ann was trying to manipulate and control the situation. They express hope that the friend, Tom, recognizes the “bright red flags” and chooses to distance himself from Ann before it’s too late. 

They further suggested that Ann may have ulterior motives, such as isolating Tom from his friends and family and controlling his life to suit her tastes.

Tom Should Have Stood Up for Jane

One expressed being sad that Tom wasn’t willing to stand up for Jane now that he knows Ann has been lying about her and trying to make her look bad. 

“You’re his family. He should want to protect you from someone deliberately trying to ruin your reputation. Instead, he’s sad you’re not willing to return for more mistreatment.”

What do you think? Did this Redditor do the right thing, or was dropping out so close to the wedding in poor taste?


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