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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with quality time around those you love [I sure did!]. As promised, this weeks post is dedicated to the women you love and without whom it would be impossible to go to the bathroom on your wedding day, your bridesmaids! Well – it's dedicated to the gifts I am giving them anyways 


Let me start by saying that I have nine bridesmaids (and one flower girl). I simply could not make my party any smaller than that.. each maid has played a vital role in my life from  my sister to my college roommate. I wanted to get them all something special that they would: 1.) like, 2.) use, and 3.) make for some cute pictures!
My wedding is in Manchester, Tennessee which is about a forty  minute drive Southeast of Nashville. All of my bridesmaids are staying the night with me at our hotel on the night before my wedding so we can do girly things like paint nails, do facials, and watch chick flicks. The monogrammed shirt and floral robes are SO cute, but surely you have realized by now that I have to be at least a little different. I stumbled upon these adorable plaid button-up fleece night shirts and knew that was what I could get them (who doesn't love a good sleep shirt). I like wearing cute things to bed because you wake up feeling prettier . Our photographer is going to show up at the hotel bright and early to catch some cute pictures of us all waking up and I thought matching PJ's would really make for some cute photographs!
||It's also a bonus that these are button up – so if they want to wear them while getting ready they can||

00157522-02 (1)

They are on sale, but if you hurry you might be able to get your bridesmaid gifts here!

Now.. the really great thing about this is that each shirt is on sale for $19.90 (x 9 = ~180)! I only budgeted $150 dollars for my bridesmaid gifts, but I decided to use some of the “spare” budget to upgrade their gifts to something they would really like. [Note: a family friend does monogramming and she has already volunteered to monogram the initials for me!!]

Next, I scored these really cute necklaces from Hobby Lobby. I am going to recreate the tag and have it say something along the lines of “Thank you for being one of the peas in my pod – I love you.” Each necklace was only $2.99 (x 9 = ~27) (I have been wearing one myself for two months now – and it hasn't fallen apart!).

195776_1[5]Pea Pod Necklace

Lastly, I am a pretty avid essential oil user so I purchased several mini glass jars from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sale and I am going to make a homemade face scrub and mask to use the night before my wedding for some pampering. If you're following the math here, I have spent a total of 22.89 on each bridesmaid. The remaining ~7 dollars I will use to cover the gift wrapping (or maybe a cute bag if I can find a good deal!).

Do you have any budget friendly ways to pamper your maids? Please tell us about them in the comments below!! If you're looking for gifts for the groomsmen in your future husby's life, check out my last post here!

On another note, check back next week for my post about the battle between using real flowers and fake flowers with a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of each!



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