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utensilsPaper Products: $229.85

Paper: $187.85
$119.05 for the two shades of turquoise paper, and $68.80 for the cream colored paper and envelopes.

From this paper- 100 sheets of each color- I made our invitations, reply cards and envelopes, as well as wraps for our biodegradable utensils, signs for the Candy Buffet, Reserved signs for the chairs, AND our programs. I did not waste a BIT of this paper! For that I am pretty proud!!!

SeeĀ this post about how I created luxurious wedding invitations on a budget.

Postage: $42


$161.97 for 1000 of each. I kept 200 of each for the wedding and sold the rest. So in the end I spent about on $35 the utensils.
The paper for the wraps were left over from the paper I'd used for our invites, so that didn't cost me anything extra.
The twine we used, we actually got for free at the grocery story in the meat department. We were looking for some to buy and they guy behind the counter just gave us a huge roll of it for free. SCORE! ?
The napkins were $3 for 100 at Party City, and I got 2 packs, so $6. This project cost me about $40.

Total for this post : $269.85

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  • I love that silverware. I wish they didn’t sell it in bulk.

  • your paper products are all so beautiful šŸ™‚

  • I was looking forward to your paper breakdown! Great job!!

  • amandathiessen

    i love these!

  • Rebecca

    Where did you get the eco utensils from?

  • Budget Savvy Bride

    Rebecca- they are from Ecoware Biodegradables.

  • I am *beyond* impressed!

  • Allie

    Hey there! When you use primarily one color for printing, do you end up wasting a whole color cartridge? Starting the process tonight! I love all your paper products!

  • Love love love all of it! Mason jars are my current obsession, and I just saw a ton of milkglass vases at goodwill last night! Thanks for breaking everything down, it really puts things into perspective!

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