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Let's do a little budget recap, if you total up the amounts of all the previous posts you get $10,543.62.

(As I said, I don't consider E's suit an actual wedding expense… so for the sake of argument I'm deducting that cost to give a total $10,213.62.) But think whatever you want. 🙂

We were hoping to spend around $10,000… but we went a little bit over. We wouldn't have been able to do it though without a generous gift from my parents which helped us cover our last-minute overages. It's all that stuff at the end you forget about- paying your pastors, gratuity, tax, etc that will get you.

In all reality, I had my wedding for way cheaper than I should have. Include the $3,000 I should have paid to my photographer, the $500-$1,000 more I could have paid for a band or DJ, tack on another $500-700 for a wedding cake if we actually bought from a baker, add the couple grand more using a professional catering company would have cost us, don't forget I only paid half for my coordinator and she didn't charge me for the labor to do the flowers- there's another $1,000 easy. Not to mention all the free stuff I got from contests and bartering. Yeah… so I went over my original budget… but I definitely still consider myself savvy.

Thanks for coming along for the ride- I hope you enjoyed the recaps and breakdowns. In case you want to see EVERY single picture from my wedding, they are all on the Budget Savvy Bride Facebook Fan Page. Become a fan and you will get to see all 800+ photos from the wedding day including every detail and all my ugly cry faces. 🙂

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Full Budget Breakdown

Venue: $1000

Rentals: $2,684.49

Coordination: $500

Photography: $500

Flowers: $400

Décor: $192

Catering: $2,673.17

Alcohol: $530

Cutlery: $40

Paper Products: $229.85

Favors: $227.95

Bride's Attire: $777.50

Groom's Attire: $330

Wedding Accessories: $63.66

Wedding Day Beauty: $155

Ceremony/Legal: $240

Music: FREE

Total: $10,543.62.

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  • Thanks for sharing your budget breakdown….I learned a lot!

  • Thanks for sharing. You were definitely a savvy inspiration. I’m already a fan and friend. 🙂

  • You did a great job on the budget. Thanks for sharing!

  • nice job lady! i’ve been trying to remind myself about the later expenses and account for them NOW. thanks for the extra reminder!!

  • Colleen

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration — and I really believe you had a $10,000 wedding — the entire point of your blog (in my opinion) was to find a way to have the wedding of your dreams within your budget – and you did just that! Congratulations on a beautiful day!

  • Jessica this is amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. I’m with you on the groom’s suit, I didn’t count it either. M would have gotten a new suit in the next year anyway, and he’s already worn it twice since the wedding.

  • callalilyjewelry

    I definitely think winning contests and bartering counts as being budget savvy. It’s no different from using a coupon. Great job and thanks for all the info!

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