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Budget Savvy Bridal Shower Inspiration

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I wanted to share this cute Nautical Bridal Shower shoot in hopes of inspiring you for some shower or wedding decor! A reader shared this Budget Savvy Bridal Shower Inspiration with me because she was proud of the way it came together. I love the nautical color scheme and the red, white and blue is keeping me in the Independence Day summertime mood!

This bridal shower was definitely a budget savvy event! You could set up a similar look just about anywhere you have access to– finding a free venue is a great way to save money, whether you host it at home or your church, etc. Most of the details were purchased at places such as the local grocery store, hobby store and even the dollar tree. Coupons were actively used to purchase any and everything. Other items were either borrowed or loaned and the group spent a grand total of under $100 to put it all together. I truly feel like these would be great ideas for a low budget bride! You can read more about the couple and inspiration for the party below!

Budget Savvy Bridal Shower Inspiration

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Planner: Heavenly Day Events   //   Venue: Morelia Mexican Grill   //   Photographer: Amanda Hepner (family friend)


The story:

Abigail and Calum, the bride and groom to be, are two of the sweetest, loving, kind individuals you will ever meet. Their love for god, their friends, family and each other touches the hearts of everyone around them. The two met when they were in High School when Calum set out to find his best friend, Alex, a girl friend. Yes, that is right! Calum was looking for Alex a girl friend and in the process he met Abby. You can read more of their story at weddingwire.com/calumandabigail.

They have been together since. Both recently resided in Austin, Texas up until moving to Kingsville, Texas for Calum to attend college. In between, they lived in Port O’Connor, Texas, a small coastal town, where they were also married on June 28, 2014.

Abby and Calum have been challenged with paying for almost everything on their own, including their wedding. Their wedding budget was around $3,000. Because of budget, originally the plan was just to have a small get together for family in place of a bridal shower. But, the bridesmaids, Kayla Meredith, Kayla Brewer and myself, Amanda Hepner wanted to gift them with the bridal shower they had always dreamed of or something close to it. Being fairly young, and all in college ourselves, we strived to come up with a budget friendly idea that we could afford that was also enjoyable for the guest. Here are the tips, tricks and details we came up with along the way:



Plan the party well in advance. Give yourself enough time to plan out all the details, work on budget items and get RSVPs. Our biggest struggle was not knowing how many people were coming. Make sure to give your guest plenty of time to RSVP.



First we decided on a theme. Seeing as Calum and Abby would be getting married on the beach, we wanted to keep the theme similar. That’s where we came up with “Nautical.” Our advice to those planning the shower, pick a theme that you might have décor items laying around for. I was lucky enough to have an office at work full of “nautical” type décor items that I could borrow.


Location, Location, Location:

Deciding on location was difficult for us. We really had no budget for food and we struggled with the idea of coming up with $200+ to spend on food or even just feeding guests appetizers. Although those are both GREAT IDEAS for a budget savvy bridal shower planner who can afford that, we chose to go a very nontraditional route, and the cheapest route, and host the shower at a restaurant. The idea was that guest would pay for their own meal and it ended up working out really well. The best part about this was that one of the bridesmaids used to work at the restaurant. She went to the manager, in person, and they allowed us to use the patio, all to ourselves, FOR FREE! We negotiated special food prices and drink specials for guest. It worked out really well. Tip: think of any places you’ve worked previously or restaurants to might know the manager. Also think about any free locations where you could just bring in appetizers or cheap pasta or burgers.




The only really important vendor to us, outside of the location, was a photographer. Myself and another family friend are photographer hobbyist and therefore opted in for taking photos ourselves. If you’re wanting to hire someone on a budget, we highly recommend posting on social media and your local free add looking for someone who is looking to gain experience in photography.


The details:

When it comes to the details, today’s bride enjoys incorporating cute details, fun décor themes and other DIY projects into their wedding events. Thanks to Pinterest and the web, there are hundreds of free ideas out there and cheap DIY projects you can use to make your bridal shower special and unique. Tip: think of any décor items you have lying around, in your office, or that belong to friends. Think of different ways you can incorporate them.



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