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Budget-Savvy Bridesmaids Tips

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Brittany Rice

Let’s face it… weddings are EXPENSIVE! Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or just a guest– you are more than likely going to invest a significant amount of money into being part of a wedding.

As brides, we often forget how much others actually spend on our wedding. Yes, we are investing thousands of dollars on this one day, but many others are shelling out a pretty penny as well. Being a bridesmaid is a huge commitment (and honor) and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I myself have been a bridesmaid on multiple occasions and have spent up to $2000 on one friend’s wedding. The dress, shoes, hair and makeup, plane ticket, hotel room, bridal shower gift, bachelorette party gift, and wedding gift sure did add up quickly!

Keeping this in mind I knew that I didn’t want my wedding party to have to put aside a separate savings account just to be a part of our special day. Here’s how my wedding party saved some major dollars:

1. Renting a dress rather than buying an expensive dress and having it tailored

I knew when I started the planning process that I wanted to incorporate an excessive amount of glitter and gold into my wedding. This also included my maid of honor’s dress. I started to look into gold shimmering dresses and to my surprise, the cheapest one I could find was well over one hundred dollars.

I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly selfish to ask someone to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that they may wear for only one day and that might not even be their taste. It was during my internet shopping that I stumbled upon Rent the Runway!

I found the exact dress that I was looking for and the rental price was only $35! Not only was the dress budget-friendly, but they had a special going on where you received $25 off your first order…talk about a killer deal!

Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway


2. Allowing your attendants to pick out their own shoes in coordinating colors and styles

I’ve been a part of weddings and attended weddings where the bridesmaids were in complete unison… I mean the same dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Not only did this take away from each bridesmaid expressing their own personal style, but putting restrictions on what your attendants can and can’t wear can be pricey. Allowing your girls to at least pick out their own shoes gives them the freedom to spend however much they want, as well as find something that will fit their personal style.

3. Forgo makeup artists and professional hairstylists

Whether you plan on going to a salon or having the stylists come to you, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of money (anywhere from $50-$250). Again, being the bride you are more than happy to shell out the extra $$$ to look extra beautiful on your special day. As a bridesmaid, your priorities may be a little different. I know that I am extra picky about my hair and makeup and if I’m going to spend money to get both professionally done I’m going to want both done my way. Instead of forcing your attendants to have their hair and makeup done professionally allow them the option to pay if they like and if not provide them pictures or even DIY videos of styles that you would prefer them to have.

So there you go… a few ways that your attendants can save a dollar or two on your special day! Happy planning!!

Brittany Rice

is a bride blogger who got married in 2015. You can read her wedding planning posts here.