Budget Savvy Flowers

Did you know wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club offer wedding flowers? Neither did I until a co-worker suggested it to me! Everything comes packaged neatly in a little box, already arranged for you! Now that's what I call budget savvy flowers. 

sams club

Sam's Club budget savvy flowers

After a little online research I found Sam’s offers Floral Wedding Packages.  In particular, a 17-pc package in white (The color I wanted) that includes the following for just $319!

  • 1 Bridal Bouquet
  • 4 Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • 1 Toss Away Bouquet
  • 6 Boutonnieres
  • 4 Corsages
  • 1 box of Rose petals
  • 1 Clippers

Sam's Club budget savvy flowers(Photos per Sam's Club Bridal Flowers)

This package offers everything I need for my wedding party which consists of 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen (No ushers), and remaining boutonnieres and corsages for our parents & grandparents.  I will however, be a boutonniere short, but since I’ll have an extra corsage, I believe I can rearrange in to the Groom’s and Ring Bearer’s pieces.  Thank goodness for flower arrangement classes in 4-H as a kid!

Sam’s Club also sells bulk flowers. I did price out what would be needed separately to see if I would have any savings by going this route, but found prices to be comparable.  I also checked out other online bulk flower sites, but still found the pre-arranged Sam’s packages to be the best value for me. The other sites still came to roughly $300 for the flowers I had chosen. I’d personally rather have them already arrive arranged for me than have to add that to the to-do list right before the wedding!

In addition to the Sam’s Club bouquets & boutonnieres, we also have signed up with our church to provide the flowers for their Sunday service on our wedding day (Which will be on the Sunday of Memorial Weekend).  A local florist provides flat rate arrangements to the church every week. By donating on the day of our wedding, we can request colors we wish the arrangements to be. At $25 for several nice sized arrangements, this will be a fraction of the cost of what wedding arrangements would cost!!  I’m considering purchasing some fern planters/hanging baskets as well to add to the church then just donate them to whoever would want them after the ceremony as a Thank You (The pastor’s wife, the organist, church wedding planner, ect).

Fortunately for us, our reception hall already comes with hurricane light center pieces and mirrors, so table flower arrangements will not be needed.  I do want to add some more elements though and did purchase a number of hen & chick plants at Lowes during the end of the season.  I purchased 8 pots which came to roughly .75 cents/pot with each pot having at least a dozen succulents on it. I planted them outside before the snow started flying, and they’re a hardy plant so I won’t have to worry about taking care of them though the winter. Before the wedding, I’m planning on clipping them and placing them into little pots or glass jars on the tables along with the rose petals that came with the Sam’s Club package.

Succulent budget savvy flowers

My inspiration per Style Me Pretty

Another perk for our reception hall is they already have hanging baskets on the outside of the building during warmer months so the outside decorating is already taken care of for us!

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