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As a ‘Boarderline Extreme Couponer', my favorite newest site that I've stumbled across is It's a site where you can either buy or sell preloved name brand clothing (Who couldn't use some extra cash for their wedding by clearing out their closets of things you no longer wear? )

twice logo

But here's the best part about the site – They give new customers $10 off their first purchase for signing up for a new account AND they'll give you an extra $10 if you download their app from iTunes! So, as a brand new customer, you can start out with $20 to spend!  Shipping is a flat $5 for all purchases under $49.  If you pick out something for under $15, it's totally FREE after the credits! How awesome is that?! Need a dress for your rehearsal dinner or some new clothes for your honeymoon?

How does it look

In addition to those credits, they'll also give you a $10 credit bonus after you sell your first set of clothing to them, and they'll give you a $10 credit for each friend you refer who makes a purchase or sells clothing!


Recently I came across this little red sundress I liked that I think would be great to wear on our honeymoon.

Red Dress preloved name brand clothing

After using my credits, it was totally free!! I didn't even have to enter a credit card number so there's no risk I'll be charged!

Order Total

Plus, Twice also has multiple high end designer brands.  I came across this Oscar de la Renta sundress that would be perfect for a casual or destination wedding. AND it's 90% retail prices!

Oscar preloved name brand clothing

Happy shopping!

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About Dana

I'm a 30 year old engineer from Michigan. My fiance and I are in the process of planning our wedding for May of 2014. We love to travel and are incorporating many finds from places we've visited into our wedding. I'm also a self proclaimed, "Boarder-line Extreme Couponer" and love snagging a great deal on wedding stuff!

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  • Laura W

    I bought a Gap dress from there and got it for $2 after the discounts. They just recently started buying handbags from customers, and I’m excited to get those out of my closet! Have you sold anything to them? I would be interested to know of any experiences people have had on that end.

  • Dana

    I have not sold to them yet, but I did request one of their free shipment bags this afternoon. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I did see on the site that for every handbag that is accepted, they’ll give you an extra $10 credit bonus!

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