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Before I begin, I feel the need to tell you that my hair looks like a birds nest. No, really… it does. It is frizzy all over and some places are wavy while others are straight. I have never colored or highlighted it, but it's really quite dry, and the only way I can halfway control is it with excessive heat styling. I feel like Amy Winehouse like, everyday (but without the other life issues lol).

Hair Care

I know she's kind of old news but I feel like her facial expression
really reflects my feelings about my own hair (:

That being said, I am pretty much automatically jealous of anyone who has perfect hair, let alone those who have the I-just-walked-out-of-the-shower-and-air-dried-my-hair-and-it-looks-this-fabulous kind of hair (aka my sister. NOT FAIR). I mean obviously my whole life I have pined away for beautiful, flowing tresses, but my upcoming wedding has really amped up my longing. So, I decided to do something about it (or as much as I can without altering my genes).

First, I went on a break with these guys:Hair CareHair Care

This helped a ton a ton. It's been hard because it means relying on a lot of ponytails, but I have really noticed a major difference in how much healthier it feels. I still style it from time to time (I mean I have to go out in public every once and awhile), but not nearly as much as I used to!

Secondly, my cousin (who has the most beautiful hair on the planet) recommended taking prenatal vitamins to help hair grow.

Hair Care

She had taken them for a long time, and after I asked my pre-med friends if it was ok to take them without actually being pregnant (it is–you just have to be careful about how much iron is in them because too much is bad for you), I decided to try them! Honestly, I have been taking them for about six months, and I have really noticed a difference–my hair is growing longer than it ever has, and the roots seem a lot shinier and smoother than the rest of my hair.  I have also noticed that a lot less falls out in the shower. In reality, this is probably a combination with the lack of heat styling, but I am not complaining even a little bit. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I'm pleased with my results!

And finally, I have been trying quite a few deep conditioning treatments. I tried a few homemade ones I found online (this is my favorite one–it uses just mayo, olive oil, and egg yolks! I am faaar from domestic, but this one is super easy).  But, if putting mayo in your hair weirds you out (it is very weird), I have found that Umberto Beverly Hills Repair Treatment Masque works SOOO well (and it's only $9.99! Which is great since you can pay upwards toward $30-40 for hair masques!). For a little extra boost, I would awkwardly sit in front of a space heater to really let the product get into my hair… that's almost like going to a salon, right? (:

Wedding Hair Care

And that's that. I mean my hair is really never going to look like a celebrity's, but I really feel like these small things are making a big difference in my life-long battle against frizz poof. Do you have any hair care recommendations or tried any great products? Please share!

Please have amazing days!

Hair Care

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  • Dear

    I know how you feel, only I -used- to have silky hair to begin with! One word of advice to anyone is to NEVER get a perm, even a spiral one. Now my hair is very frizzy, something I'm still learning to deal with and I'm also growing it for the big day(it's mid back, but I want it to my waist). One tip I can suggest is change your shampoo. The sulfates(you know, what makes the shampoo foam up) can dry out your hair, so try buying something from a vitamin store. Most vitamin stores sell beauty products. Tea tree oil works for me, as it gently removes the oil from my scalp but it doesn't strip the rest of your hair. While I won't have my silky hair back until it grows out again, I do notice a difference in how it looks.
    Also, I don't use styling tools; at all. If you have time(make time for it), let your hair air dry WITHOUT using a towel on it, even to squeeze out the ends. It will take longer, but when my hair finally dries, it looks softer and fuller.
    Good luck to you!

    • Eek! Thank you so much! Isn't frizzy hair a drag? It's bad enough like, everyday, but then throw in crazy summer humidity and I'm DONE. Thanks for the advice! I'm always looking for new ways to help out my head! 😀 I never even tried the no-towel idea! That is certainly now on my to-do list, officially.

  • ibraidhair

    Katie, you're definitely on the right track. Check out! Browse their articles and forum. Tons and tons of great info, even if your hair isn't curly. They're all about bringing out the natural beauty in the hair you were born with. Also, I have a blog where I talk about how I care for my hair, including my wedding day hair……… 🙂

    • Yay! Thanks a lot. I've always wondered if products for curly hair would work, even though mine's not curly. Thanks A TONNN! 😀

  • Candice

    I started taking Biotin which helps hair & nail growth. I also ditched the heat styling. My stylist also recommended Niacin conditioner if you are going for length. I've been doing this stuff for months and my hair is longer than ever. I also use sulfate-free shampoos because I have sulfate issues and Enjoy is my favorite brand so far. I use the type for color treated hair even though I don't do any sort of treatment because it smells absolutely yummy!

    • Oh thank you, Candice! I think my next shampoo choice will be a sulfate-free type; right now I use Nexxus Humectrus, which is fine, but I feel like mixing it up is in my hair's best interest. Plus I've heard so many good things about about sulfate-free products!

  • Leslie

    great post. thanks for sharing!

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