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I just have to brag for a minute about the AWESOME deal I got on (part of) my gift to the bridesmaids. I told them they could wear any type of shoe they wanted, they could fix their hair how ever they wanted, and they could all show their personal style in their bridesmaid dresses. But to keep a little “same-ness” I wanted to get them all matching jewelry. If you have shopped for 8 sets of jewelry, you know it gets pricey!

That's when I turned to my good buddy etsy! I saw plenty of pieces I loved, but again, the price was reaching limits unknown to my bank account. Then I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted.

matching jewelry

Did you happen to see the price tag on these beauties? 99 cents! I immediately contacted the seller and asked if she could make duplicates. Not only did she agree, but she also designed and made my earrings for the big day!

matching jewelry

I was thrilled to work with such a crafty person who was willing to sell her goods at such a great price!

matching jewelry

I wrapped them up and put them with the other great gifts fr my bridesmaids. And yes, I did get them other gifts besides the less-than-a-buck jewelry!

matching jewelry

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