Budget Savvy Repurposed Guest book

As a slightly non-traditional bride, there are many traditional wedding elements that I find rather blah and un-inspiring – one of those being the wedding guestbook. If I see another cutesy white satin fabric-covered book with GUESTBOOK sprawled across front in unnecessarily elaborate scroll script, I might gag. Now don't get me wrong – I want a guestbook at my wedding! (What a great way to collect notes and memories from the great people you celebrated your big day with!) But Nate and I had no great ideas on what to do to make our guestbook something that would rock our faces off. We thought of using a simple black Moleskine notebook (my fave!), but even that didn't feel quite right. But then, something serendipitous and awesome happened…a friend from church approached me one day and handed me a giant, black, super-worn, vintage payroll book loaded with a couple hundred blank ledger pages. She had paid 50 cents for it at a thrift store, and immediately “thought of me” when she found it. YESSS! And so that fateful morning, our totally rad, vintage, 50 cent guestbook was born.

I jazzed the book up by adding our names and the wedding date to the cover with my labelmaker, and used scrapbook paper, photographs, old book pages, chipboard stickers, and vintage magazine illustrations to add some interest to the pages inside. And…VOILA! Lesley's budget savvy repurposed guestbook! Total cost? Free-ish! (Although the decorating supplies did cost money when I originally purchased them, I used and recycled what I had on-hand so no expense came out-of-pocket for the wedding.)

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repurposed guestbook

repurposed guestbook

If you're not satisfied with traditional guestbook options, take a look at what you have on hand and push yourself to think outside the box! A retro ledger might not be someone's first idea for a guestbook, but I couldn't be happier with my quirky creation. With some black pens, alphabet stickers, and rubber stamps on-hand for guests to use at the wedding, I think it will become an artsy and unique keepsake that really feels like “us”. And the price was right too!

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