Budget-Savvy Stationery: Vistaprint for Your Wedding Paper Goods

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Source: WeddingWire

When researching pricing for our wedding stationery, I was floored at how much Save the Dates and wedding invitations could cost. The prices were unreal to me, especially for something I expected to wind up in someone's trash can in a few months (I hate to think of it that way, but I'm an anti-clutter freak.). I'd used Vistaprint before to order business cards and other materials, and my mom is a big fan. So I thought I'd see how they stacked up against its competitors, and I was thrilled with the prices!

Once I began the creative process, there are a couple of things I had to figure out. I'm sure you all know that Vistaprint runs sales ALL THE TIME. I suggest signing up for their e-mails well in advance so you can take advantage of the good deals. They often run sales just for their brides, so make sure you sign-up for those! Also, when they run these sales, I don't think their percentage discounts differ too much, so this is the best time to buy your Save the Dates if you're going that route.

Laura and Josh Save the Date 2013

I LOVE our Save the Date…this design is actually the inspiration for a lot of other details in our wedding, and of course the pictures are by our amazing photographer Christopher Bell Photography. I had a little trouble in the sizing of the pictures. There's actually a white blank space beneath the photos, so I decided to use three pictures in order to cover that space. One thing I love about Vistaprint is how easy it is to edit. I changed the font, and voila! We actually purchased TOO MANY Save the Dates (100 as opposed to 50), but we got them for $46.


Note: We had the thought process of “Oh, we're inviting 100 guests, so we need 100 Save the Dates.” WRONG! Remember your guests will probably be a part of a couple or family which you'll only need one for. Just to save you from making the same mistake we did! We're going to repurpose the extra Save the Dates at the wedding for guests to give us advice and well wishes.

Now our wedding invitations were a whole different story. I found myself agonizing over pricing: Vistaprint sales versus the Essentials package they offer.

Here's how they differ:

Sales: Promoted on the site and sent to e-mail list, occur often but last only a couple of days at a time, percentage discount may vary

Essentials Package: Invitations and RSVPs for up to 200 guests, always the same price despite sales, always Free Shipping!

Note: They also offer a Complete Package that includes reception invitations and Thank You notes.

After crunching the numbers, I discovered that sometimes their sales and the Essential package for 50 end up about the same price. BUT…you can also create custom envelopes through Essentials Package which costs you extra if you go the sale route.

Note: This package doesn't come with an inner envelope which according to The Knot is totally within wedding etiquette.

So after much frustration, I bought the Essentials Package (matches our Save the Date) for a grand total of: $106.

In short, here's what I love about Vistaprint (and the Essentials package):

-Variety of designs
-Quality for the price
-Easy creation and editing
-Ability to match across all wedding stationery
-Free shipping

Feel free to share your experience with Vistaprint or other vendors. Hope this helps you in purchasing your wedding stationery!

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