Being Budget Savvy

What budget savvy is, and what budget savvy isn't

I think a lot of times when you tell people you’re being budget savvy, (especially when it comes to your wedding) they may assume you’re going to be skimpy with your budget and decide to forego nice things to make it cheaper.

After being a follower of The Budget Savvy Bride and being a “budget savvy bride” myself, I knew I would be able to save money without foregoing nice things.


Since we are getting married in a week, I’ve been going through our vendor list and double checking all of the information I have to make sure we have everything organized and exactly what we want. In doing this, I’ve been discussing our vendors with my fiancé, and to say we are beyond happy with all of the vendors we have chosen would be an understatement. I don’t feel like we’re missing out on anything or “skimping” on anything. I also don’t feel like we’re being outrageous with our wedding budget.

Below is my advice on how to be budget savvy without “skimping” on your wedding day.

How to Be Budget Savvy Without Skimping

Do Your Research.

Luckily my fiancé and I were planning a long engagement (a little under 2 years) so we were not rushed into signing any contracts. We talked with all potential vendors and went with those we felt most comfortable with.

We read a ton of reviews, met with multiple vendors, and made sure we were hiring wonderful people, but we also made sure we were spending what we could actually afford. We were able to take our time to find the right combo of products or services within our budget– that's one luxury that extra time affords you!

Ask for Help.

Do not be afraid to ask those close to you for their assistance. If you know a great baker, ask them to bake your cake; if you know a great photographer, ask them to be your photographer; if you know a great make-up/hair person, ask them to do your hair & make-up.

You’ll be surprised to see the number of people who want to make your wedding day wonderful!

Create your Priorities.

Prioritize what is most important to you, and put your focus on those areas. You will read this EVERYWHERE, but it is oh so true. We stuck to this, first and foremost, and knew where a bulk of our money was going (and also knew where it should go due to our research).

Double Check Numbers & Read Entire Contracts.

Every contract we signed was looked over with a future attorney’s eye. Being that my fiancé is in law school, he was able to read through the contracts to understand exactly what each vendor would supply so we knew our expectations.

We were also sure to double-check all prices sent to us before agreeing to anything, just to make sure there were no questions or errors.

Follow Budget Savvy Bride.

I want to first say Jessica did not ask me to write this, but I believe this was crucial in realizing that having a beautiful wedding on a budget is actually possible.

Seriously, the weddings by budget category on this site is amazing – and it shows you that you can have a wedding on any budget.

Again, I was a follower long before I became a contributor (we were engaged for almost 2 years!) and the sole reason I wanted to write for the blog was to show more brides out there it can be done!

Do you have any other suggestions for future brides on being budget savvy?

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