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If you're going to have a party (which our reception will certainly be), you need to have some alcohol. But if you want alcohol, you have to pay the price. And as budget savvy brides, we don't want to fork over the cash. So it is time to get creative.

This process took a lot of math and numbers and stuff I don't love, but in the end we made it work. We took the number of guests (that is growing by the day) and figured out how many would drink, and if they drank how much they would drink (more for groomsmen, less for relatives haha) and then looked up how many glasses are in a keg of beer and a case of wine.

Eventually we came to the conclusion that we would need two kegs and six cases of wine. Doesn't sound cheap does it? But that's when we had the idea to visit the mecca for inexpensive, yet delicious wine… We got three cases of white wine and three cases of red wine and only spent about $200 at Trader Joe's!!

Trader Joe's wine

Trader Joe's wine

My parents are keeping it in the dark, cold basement until the big day (and we are crossing our fingers they don't get thirsty haha).

So that leaves us with the kegs. And after searching high and low, it's going to cost us. Does anyone out there know how to get a discount on kegs? The cheapest I can find are $150 a pop, plus a deposit. Good news is we get the deposit back, but I just don't want to spend full price. Call me cheap (or call me budget savvy instead)!

Trader Joe's wine

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  • Rachael

    Oh my god, Trader Joe's wine. What an ingenious idea. If only the closest Trader Joe's weren't an hour and a half away with no booze. Ah well, I'll be making a few trips around then anyway!

    Also–just did a quick google search to see what varieties TJ's has available, and I found a blog that reviews each type of TJ's wine and gives it a thumbs up or down AND tells you the price. Seems like it would be easy to go wine-shopping with an idea of what you're looking for! It's at .

  • John

    If you're close to any micro or craft breweries, check out their keg prices. We got kegs from our local restaurant/brewery and they were $115. I've seen prices similar to that at other breweries. It's great because out-of-town guests get to taste some local beer, and you save some money!

  • We did the same for our wedding. A keg of beer, a few cases of wine from a local wine store, and in our case, we added home brew with custom homemade labels (a hit!). The biggest thing is making sure you get a venue that doesn't require a certified-bartender and does not have catering rules prohibiting bringing your own!

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