Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets

Weddings are a big deal: You’re committing yourself to another person for the rest of your life, and you’re doing it in front of friends and family. If anything, it calls for a party to celebrate the occasion. And parties, of course, come with food and drink and decorations—and bills.

One piece of many weddings that’s often a budget-buster is the flowers. They are typically carried by a bride or worn by members of the wedding party. They’re often used to adorn a place of worship or a place that’s hosting the party. And flowers can gobble up a significant chunk of the budget, too—most experts figure that of a wedding that costs about $25,000, flowers take up about 8 percent of that. So how do you manage your flower budget and keep it in line with what you’re able to spend, while still maxing out beauty and usefulness? The biggest thing you can probably do is consider seasonality. This graphic explains how to do that! Check it out below:

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Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets: A Seasonal Flower Chart

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