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Building Your Registry

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One of the first things we did after getting engaged was make our wedding registry’s. Right away people started asking what they could get us, I had no idea people actually gave gifts for getting engaged. Then when I found out we would be having an engagement party, I knew we would need one, or three. There are so many options out there for a registry, and you have to decide which aspects are more important to you as a couple.

These days you can have a registry for a honeymoon (budget friendly!!), household items, electronics and even a kitchen sink. You just have to decide what will work best for you!

  • Talk about location

    Do you want your registry to be only online, do you want your registry to be in an actual store (most will also have a web-based version), will most people attending the wedding festivities be local so you are able to use a local boutique if needed?

  • Will you have multiple registries

    Do you want to register for household items, as well as your honeymoon? There are websites like Zola that combine all of your registries, but I recommend keeping them separate, this also saves any extra fees.

  • What are the most important items to you

    If you are moving in together after the wedding, will you need large pieces of furniture and kitchen tools? If you are already living together would you prefer people gift to your honeymoon or house renovations?

  • Creating your registries

    Be sure to add anything you need first, and then move on to strong wants, leaving off things you won’t use often. Most lists I have found included things like fine china, we didn’t include anything expensive like this because we knew we wouldn’t use it often, if ever. We also don’t have the space to store it for the time being, in the end it was too much of a hassle for price and storage so we left it off.

  • Spread the news

    Make sure everyone in your bridal party knows where you are registered. They will likely be asked, especially as your bridal shower gets closer.

  • Buy Thank You cards in bulk

    I highly recommend following this rule of thumb- as soon as you receive a gift, send a thank you. It will save you time, make the sender happy to see their gift was truly appreciated, less hand cramping, and it will be something off of your to-do list.

What worked best for us, may not work best for you, but here is an example of what we decided. We needed options via the internet (keeping in mind stores with free shipping) and also an actual store for those not as computer savvy. We ended up choosing 3 and I am very happy we did.


Target.com’s Wedding Registry

This gives the option for in-store shopping, online shopping and provides free shipping. If someone is shipping something from your registry, they have the option to have it sent directly to the address saved under your registry, without the purchaser ever being able to see the address. I like this extra-added security feature.


Amazon Wedding Registry

We have an Amazon registry for items that we didn’t find in Target such as athletic gear (Target has limited options). This also has the advantage of free shipping.


Honeyfund Wedding Registry

We have 90% of our registry on our honeymoon registry. As a couple we decided that we would value experiences more than just new utensils. We also wanted to take a big trip for our honeymoon because we may never have another opportunity. This gives us the chance to stick to our wedding budget, but also go on the trip we have always dreamed of.


If you are thinking about a honeymoon registry I highly recommend Honeyfund. I did extensive research before we chose this one, and it was the best bang for our buck because it is free! There are several options out there, but you need to be sure to read the fine print. Most will charge you to set-up a registry, or cash out your gifts, or even charge your guests up to an 8% fee.

Have you set-up your registry yet? Do you have any tips to add?



Amazon Wedding Registry

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