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Whenever I'm invited to a wedding one of the first things I look for is the couples wedding website. Something that might not initially seem important wedding websites are extremely helpful for out of town guests. I really appreciate whenever a wedding I have been invited to has taken the time to build out some content to help me find my way around an unusual city.

There are an abundance of website options, both free and paid but a few of my personal favorites are:


The Knot – Free

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 12.17.02 AM

With hundreds of designs the Knot one of the perfect places to start building a wedding website. For someone who is not web savvy their options are beautiful and easy to use. The downside I found on the Knot's website builder was that while much of the sites were customizable they all felt somewhat similar in layout and style.



Riley and Grey – $35 per month

Riley & Grey Wedding Website

The most expensive option I looked at, Riley & Grey has a variety of stunning and high end options that can be personalized by nearly anyone. Since they are so pricey it is a nice option that they allow you to build the entire site before making your first payment. Their websites allow users to personalize the site with a URL of their choice. While beautiful, I personally had a hard time justifying the expense when there are so many lower cost options available.



Minted & MyWedding – Free-ish

Minted Wedding Website

For couples who want to create a ‘brand' [see my last post for more wedding branding tips] this partnership between Minted & MyWedding is a wonderful way to use imagery and fonts from your stationery on your wedding website. Technically this option is free, but purchasing invitations or save the dates from Minted does come at a cost.


Wix – Free

Wix Free Websites

Not intended for building a wedding website, I love the features and ease of use provided by Wix. Typically Wix provides free / low cost websites for businesses but I love their options and styling and decided to use their free tool for building out our website. For a small fee I could have selected a customized URL but I didn't feel that was necessary to get the point across. I love not being ‘boxed' into a template and that all of Wix's features are also mobile friendly.

Annie and Drews Website

What are your thoughts on wedding websites? Are you building one or have you used one to attend a wedding? What tools are your favorites?


Want something a bit more custom? Learn how to make your own custom wedding website with BlueHost!


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I'm Annie! I grew up just outside of Denver and after moving around the country after college (Go ColoState!) I am excited to be back in my home state and marrying the love of my life next August. My day job is managing social media and staying on top of the latest technology and trends is my passion. I am so excited to merge my three favorite things, social media, DIY and my fiance Drew as we count down the days to our wedding!

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  • The Zinvite Team

    Hi Annie.

    Love your article, sometimes it feels like you need really good photo’s to make a stunning website with these services. I really like ‘the knot’ as it’s got enough choice to really make sure the style fits with your particular type of invitation, and I know so many people that already use it 🙂

    We’re a British company launching a new service in the fall of 2014 for weddings that help brides/grooms with their rsvps, we’d love to show it off to you when it’s ready. Would you be interested in hearing more? If so drop me a email and we’ll keep you updated to when it’s ready.

    Thanks again for article, hopefully speak to you soon.


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