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I've hit the proverbial brick wall of wedding planning. To be totally honest, I don't have a whole lot to talk about in relation to the wedding at the moment. Maybe it's because I've gotten nothing accomplished? I'll let you in on a little secret, there are 142 days until my wedding and I haven't booked a caterer… or made rental arrangements… or registered for dishes… or started designing our invites… or alot of other little details that need to be filled in. I need to get on it… but when the heck am I supposed to get it all done? I don't want to get in trouble for doing wedding-related stuff at work (at least I can justify reading wedding blogs since I have to write for one at my job) and I just don't know when else I'm supposed to fit it in. I wish I could fast forward to the part where we get married and move to Nashville because I am just getting so burnt out on wedding planning stuff. How and who do I ask for help in this situation?

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  • ah, yes! this is good for us. otherwise we’d keep chugging away at the details and never stop to remember what’s so darn awesome about what we’re doing: the marriage. you do have some big chunks to tackle, but maybe you should take a mental vacation from it, and you’ll come back refreshed and renewed, conscious of your priorities. i recently did this, and girl- the wedding just became a whole lot more fun! also, we ended up deciding that we didn’t want to register for dishes we’d never use, so sigh of relief there.

    point is, you’re/we’re so close, but not in a place to panic or sink into a cave yet. we can relax. : )

  • Sometimes it helps just to take a break when you’re feeling burnt out. Then devote a weekend to busting out as many plans as possible! (Definitely after the holidays!!!)

    Another suggestion is to try to know exactly what you want before you go on a search for vendors and if you can, don’t spend too much shopping around. I see so many brides panic about the lack of time they have to book something but they spend weeks researching and interview 5-10 people instead of 3-5 ish.

    HTH 🙂 Looking forward to hearing what you’re getting done post-New Years 🙂


  • Meg

    I am there with you…the planning was fun at first…now I don’t care about candles or table runners!! Let’s just get married and start our “official” life together…I am hoping that I will be inspired after the holidays!!

  • amy

    i am so there. i just want to get married already. people said the time would go by so fast…but it’s just dragging for me.

    i try to get most of my stuff done in the evenings. and instead of going to lunch, i eat at my desk where i can get some things done during the work day.

    sounds like you might have to take a day off and get caught up on wedding stuff..doing that might get you in the swing of things again.

    good luck! we’re all rootin’ for ya!

  • Oh wow… join the club sister! To put it simply, Im pretty sick of my own wedding right now haha. But thankfully for both of us, at least it is happening around the holidays while there is plenty other stuff to be distracted by right now!

  • add one more voice to the ‘take a break’ chorus. i didn’t do the exact math, but looks like about 5 months? i’ve wished i had only 3 months to plan my wedding (kinda forces one to make decisions and not over-think the details).

    give yourself a week hiatus. and be strict. no wedding stuff. no reading, no writing, no planning, none. (this will actually be harder than it seems.) think about your future husband and what your lives together will look like. indulge yourself with dinner at a favorite restaurant, a hike, a movie… something fun.

    i think after a week of not thinking about wedding-related stuff, you’ll find some fresh energy and motivation.

    we all burn out and want to just ‘get it over with’ but we also know it’s not *really* what we want. so have compassion for yourself and give permission to take a break. you’ll be far more efficient and effective if you’re operating at full capacity instead of half-assing it because you feel guilty for not. make sense?

  • I can commisserate. Sometimes, it helps to delegate – to your MOH or mom, or even your fiance! Othertimes, I just switch my focus to something else for a few days and soon enough, I’m back in the swing of things.

    Try making a list of what you need to do, and see if there’s things you can hand off to loved ones. Then you’ll know things are getting done, even if its not you doing them! xoxo

  • Cate Subrosa

    Don’t worry, you’ll get your wedding mojo back. I predict it will happen right after Christmas and would recommend giving yourself a bit of a break until then.

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