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Cake or Cupcake

Desert is one area where my fiance and I have done some serious compromising.

For starters, I wanted cupcakes. They're fun, you can get them in a variety of flavors, colors, and there is less to clean up at the end of the event (not that I would be doing the clean up). But as it turns out my fiance is more of a stickler for tradition than I am. He really wanted the classic wedding cake, so we nixed the cupcake idea. We weren't looking to get anything elaborate – see the cake in the photo above! Some cakes can really become more art than food, which is never a good thing in my opinion.

What kind of cake did the fiance want? Chocolate. Plain old chocolate. Meanwhile I wanted us to offer a couple different flavors for our guests. Because, let's face it – not everyone wants chocolate. Tom was standing firm, but a trip to my cousin's wedding changed his mind. They had several little cakes, maybe five or six total, in all different flavors. And the guests loved it! So in the end we agreed we would have a medium sized chocolate cake that would function as our traditional cake. This will be the one our topper goes on, and the one that we cut. And we get to have two other little cakes!

We moved right on from a debate about type of cake and flavors to where the heck we should buy this cake. I ran into a similar problem at each place I looked. A bakery will offer an “occasion” or “celebration” for say $1 or $2 per slice. While for a “wedding” cake they charge $4 per slice. I was starting to think I would need to lie about our purpose for wanting a cake!

I started our process by looking at ratings online – using Yelp. That helped me narrow down our selection. If I saw someone say the bakery was overpriced or they went through a ton of hassles, I took them off our list. In the end we visited two bakeries that were close by us, reasonably priced, and had great reviews! One of them was going to cost us around $160 to feed 100 people, and they included delivery as well as creating a unique design for the cake. The second bakery told us they would give us their regular “custom” cake pricing after hearing we didn't want a tiered cake and only cared for minimal decorations. That turned out to be around $130 but won't include delivery and again, designs will be limited to icing swirls, dots, and initials. In the end we went with the second choice. Not just because it was cheaper but because they had a fabulous pumpkin cake flavor that will be perfect for our October wedding! Oh, and the devils food chocolate isn't bad either.

How was your cake search? Did you have trouble deciding on flavors / size / decorations?

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I’m a 24-year old marketing coordinator from Portland, Oregon who enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and riding my bike, reading, blogging, and indulging my nerdy side with video games and trivia nights. I’m marrying my wonderful fiancé Tom in a fall-themed wedding on October, 5 2013. I’m lucky to call him my best friend.

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  • Jennifer

    We had the same “battle” in a sense. I was all for making it easy and fun and just doing cupcakes. But my fiance wanted a traditional cake, too … he wanted to cut the cake! So, we compromised as well. Decided we would have enough cupcakes for our guests and a small cake that would be just for us and our parents and wedding party – a simple two tiered white cake trimmed with purple ribbon, dried orchid flowers and a custom rustic cake topper that says “The Best Day Ever”, sitting on a silver cake stand I found at a garage sale some um-teen years ago. So it’s basically a free stand. The cake? Free. My sister-in-law is making it. The cupcakes? $75 for 82 – my mother-in-law is making these from scratch and all we are paying for are materials (that $75 also includes the cost for some of the food she is making, all but the meat, which was also a gift from her and my soon-to-be father-in-law). So roughly $120 counting the decorations for the cake and the cupcake display stands and the cute paper wrappers we’re having put on them 🙂

    And I am SO happy we went this route – a little bit of both worlds!

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