Call Me Mrs. D

We’re home from the honeymoon. I’m now an old married gal…sorry for being out of touch while I was off honeymoonin’.

The wedding was without a doubt the absolute very best day ever. It seriously couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Well, it would have been a bit wee more perfect minus the pouring rain, thunder & lightning and subzero temperatures, but what I’m getting at is that despite the absolutely horrendous weather we were served up, the whole experience was just incredible. I have never felt so content and loved as I did on that day. Even though it was too wet to have a campfire, the heavy drizzle caused my hair to fall flat and I spent half the night donning a toque, long johns and my clunky Sorel boots, at the end of the whole cold and wet shebang, Adam & I became husband and wife in front of the most amazing people I know. Plus we have a pretty dramatic, hilarious story of our wedding which I look forward to embellishing as the years go on.

The less-than-ideal weather caused EVERYONE to step up and help out with the elaborate setup which had to be slightly adjusted due to the forecast. When I arrived at the campsite, all gussied up an hour before the ceremony, I couldn’t believe that there were well over 30 of our friends and family working to construct a massive tent to cover the dinner area out of tarps, helping set up the bar, arranging flowers, hanging lights & lanterns. It was a pretty heartwarming sight to experience. At the front of this team was Callandra…I can’t say it enough, thank you, friend.

I’m so excited to do a full recap once I get all the photos rounded up, as you can imagine there were a few hefty cameras on-site that day. Until then…here’s one of my favorite sneak peeks yet during our ‘first look’ . This one is from the camera of Ms. Christina Craft. In the bottom right corner you’ll see Eunice, our good friend and official photographer extraordinaire…I can’t wait to see the goodies that her lens saw that day!

campsite ceremony

campsite ceremony

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