Calling All Photographers!

I know for a fact after your venue and caterer (if you go that route), photography is the next biggest expense for a wedding. And booking a good one can be tricky. Luckily, most photographers can travel much easier than most caterers can. So how do you get super awesome photography and still stay well within you budget? Have the photographers work for you!

A couple of days after our engagement, we had already found our venue so that was set, but were getting married about two hours away from where we live. Certain things would be tricky. Should we book a local photographer and have them travel to our site or look elsewhere? One thing I did know, I wanted a blend of photo journalistic styling and posing for our special day. But fun modern posing. So I placed a couple of advertisements on Craigslist in three local areas of our venue looking for creative photographers for wedding photos also saying that students looking to build portfolios were welcome. Just submit a few samples and I would contact who I was interested in. And the submit did they ever! After only a couple of days I had to pull the ads down so my inbox wouldn't get too congested.

I ended up deciding on a wonderful young photographer by the name of Brittni Weston. She actually even started her email to me with cost of her services $600. Quite a deal from the $2000+ I was hoping to avoid if at all possible. Her photos were exactly what I was looking for and she was super psyched that I wanted to do creative shots. What I was even more blown away with was her business, All Business Photography & DJ, is shared by a DJ service with her friend Adam Ludwig. If I purchased both services it was going to cost me $1100 for both. She was going to throw in a free engagement session and DJ Adam had LED uplighting (that I soooooo wanted but didn't think I could afford) that was also included. They also included all their travel costs and housing for the event. I was so sold!

Recently, Max and I went to our wedding site with the two of them to go over some set up stuff and to take our engagement photos. They were really impressed with the barn space and Adam was excited about the uplighting. I think they liked our crazy personalities a little bit too.  🙂

For the photos, we went to nearby Waupaca, WI where we got engaged. We loosely recreated our engagement day. We even drove back to the cabin (where he popped the question) and did some photos there.

  local photographer Brittni Weston     local photographer Brittni Weston

Name this movie…

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local photographer Brittni Weston

local photographer Brittni Weston

local photographer Brittni Weston

“The Lucky One” (i.e. ME!)

local photographer Brittni Weston

local photographer Brittni Weston

Pretty adorable huh? To see all of our photos check out their Facebook page.

Green measures taken:

1. Local photographer for less travel.
2. Photographed same time as venue visit, lower CO2
3. All digital photography

Current Budget Breakdown
Total Budget $10,000
Venue for Ceremony and Reception$1200
Photography – Complete$600
DJ & LED Lighting$500
Total Budget Left$7700

*All photography courtesy of Brittni Weston of All Business Photography

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