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DIY Cardstock Flower Pomander Balls

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Here’s an easy project for some super cute DIY pomander balls. My maid of honor helped me create these, and I’m getting double duty usage from them since I displayed them on tables at my bridal shower then plan on using them to hang in the windows of the church! 


DIY Pomander Balls Materials and pricing:

  • Pearl headed straight pin – Paid $5.00 with shipping for 960 pins on ebay (Note – these shipped from China and took over 2 and a half months to receive so plan ahead if you go this route! It’s considerable savings from most craft stores) You can also get them on Amazon for $6.78 for 500- not a bad deal if you don’t have the time to wait!
  • 4” Styrofoam Ball – $3.30/2pk (JoAnn Fabrics after a 40% off coupon – I purchased three 2-packs total to make 6 pomanders at a total cost of $9.90) You can also get 3 packs on Amazon for $7.59 with free shipping!
  • Scrapbooking paper – No new cost! I used leftover scraps saved from my wedding invites.

DIY Pomander Balls Instructions

1) Punch multiple flower shapes in desired colors


2) Use (1) Pin and (2) flower punches assemble into a flower.  I played around with all black flowers and all white flowers, using news print and pattered paper. I ended up just liking the contrasting black & white colors the best


3) Begin placing the flowers around the circumference of the ball. Then, just fill in flowers for the remainder of the ball.


As a time management tip, my Maid of Honor punched flowers as I assembled. It took us quite a bit longer than I anticipated creating them – roughly two movies per set of 4 pomanders!


Total cost per ball = $3.32.  Not one of my cheapest DIY decorations, but they were fun to make and rather unique! Plus, I have the cost of the punch included in the price which I can reuse for future projects, and I have enough pins to make at least 4 more balls which would reduce the price per ball further.


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