Caribbean Honeymoon

The honeymoon is booked, and I am already dreaming of days on the beach with a cold drink!

I have never been to the Caribbean, let alone traveled much at all, so the honeymoon was a big decision and we wanted to make the ‘perfect’ choice. We both had ideas of what we wanted and once we put them together, decided that a Caribbean honeymoon on a white sand beach with lots of activities would be it. We looked at some different options on our own to decide on a practical budget, and then worked with a travel agent who could get us the biggest bang for our buck. She was such a great help and will be able to handle anything that comes up to alleviate any stress from us.

So, the final decision was Sandals St. Lucia – Halcyon Resort!!! I can’t wait!

Caribbean honeymoon

Caribbean honeymoon

Caribbean honeymoon

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