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I've definitely got a case of the Mondays.

E & I had a good weekend. We went and saw Pineapple Express on Friday- it was hysterical. I laughed my butt off. It was definitely over-the-top ridiculous, but it was hilarious nonetheless.

Saturday we registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. It was an exhausting experience but a fun one too. A couple of things to note:

If you want to register for a grill at Target, don't wait until the end of summer. It seems that they have them in stock pre-spring through summer… and now all they've got is clearance stuff, which you can't register for. So we're going to have to wait until March-ish to add that to the registry.

For some reason, at BB&B, they had a cashier person follow us around… didn't even let us hold the scanner gun. E & I thought this was super LAME. That was half the fun for E, shooting the little gun-thing. I felt bad for him. It took twice as long at BB&B because the girl who was ushering us around the store kept pressuring us to add all this extra crap to the registry. So on Sunday, we logged into our registry online and deleted a bunch of it. hehe… 🙂

The girl at BB&B told us that you should register for 2-3 gifts per guest. That's crazy! We didn't even cover half of that total between there and Target. I guess we'd better figure out the third store at which we're going to register.

target registry

My head is really pounding today and my workday is dragging on soooooo slowly. I am just counting the hours as they go by because me & E are going to Destin on Wednesday night for a little vacation. It should be good to get away but I'm concerned about the amount of time I'll actually get to spend on the beach considering I'm supposed to be avoiding the sun as much as possible until I'm done with my Accutane. Bummers. I've got a big floppy hat and 85 proof sunscreen, so I hope that'll keep me covered for the most part. I'm also thinking that maybe we can find someone to shoot some photos of us as an impromptu engagement session? We'll see where I get on that.

I was super into watching the Olympics this weekend. I watched some swimming, basketball, rowing, gymnastics, volleyball, and a little more swimming. That Michael Phelps is one fast swimmer-dude. I can't believe how many records have been broken in this Olympics already. Go team USA! 🙂

Sorry for the lame-o post. Perhaps I will feel rejuvenated after our vacay this weekend. Here's hoping!

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  • There are all kinds of destin photographers – but I think the rule is that you and E have to wear all khaki and white. I kid you not, we saw about 5 families taking beach pictures in that attire at Henderson Beach Park alone. Definitely works for the beach setting, it was just strange to see so many people wearing the same thing!

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