Prevent Wedding Hangovers with Never too Hungover
Food + Beverage Wedding Favors

How to Prevent Wedding Hangovers

Weddings are known for being celebratory events… from the engagement party to the bachelor/bachelorette weekends, to the wedding reception itself. I’m sure you (or someone you know) has experienced the dreaded day-after hangover following a night of fun and merriment. It can be tough to prevent wedding hangovers! The struggle is real…

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DIY PROJECTS Wedding Favors

DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub

When helping my mom plan my bridal shower, I knew I wanted our favors to be something simple that people could actually use. I scoured Pinterest in search of a simple, yet budget-friendly favor to make for our guests. I stumbled across an image with the saying “From Amy’s Shower to Yours”,

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succulent wedding favors
Wedding Decor Wedding Favors

Simple Succulent Wedding Favors

Thinking about gifts for your wedding guests? Of course you want something meaningful, something that represents you well and something your guests will keep around so that each time they see it they’ll remember that wonderful day when two souls were joined as one. That’s exactly what I wanted too, but instead

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hot chocolate wedding favors
Wedding Favors

DIY Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

Jon and I ran through many different favor ideas for our wedding in an attempt to determine what we might do. I understand why couples give edible wedding favors (chocolate, biscotti, and decorated cookies are a few I’ve seen at recent weddings we’ve attended), but most guests are pretty stuffed by the

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DIY Wedding Favors Wedding Favors

Wedding Guest Gifts

I must say, the out-of-town guests at my wedding are getting quite spoiled with  gifts. (And I have to take a minute to give my mom the credit for it. She has some GREAT ideas.) When they check in to their budget-friendly hotels they will receive this bag:  With this little tag

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Wedding Favors

Fantastic Flipbooks!

I am loving these new creative ideas that are popping up all over the wedding world! Last week I showed you a new photobooth/guestbook concept that debuted at the Nashville bridal show, and this week I am sharing another gem called Fantastic Flipbooks! Here’s the dealio: Inviting Fantastic Flipbooks to your event

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