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Finding a Venue

You know what’s fun? Standing in line in downtown Pittsburgh with about 1,000 other people at 7:00 on a Saturday …...

Going unconventional

Planning a wedding, in Miami, for $10,000 is a tall order; especially for a fancy girl like myself. According to …...

Historic Hotel Venue

One of the most challenging tasks of planning a budget savvy and winter wedding is selecting the perfect venue. Not …...

Venue Part 2: Reception

So far, the reception venue has been the most problematic/stressful part of my planning process. When I first started my …...
The beautiful--and flexible!--reception venue!

Finding a Ven-YOU! Part III

As we discussed in my last post, venue-searching was generally a pretty fun process. So let’s review the Heather-and-Jon-perfect-venue checklist: &he...

An Indoor Venue

Soooo Justin and I want a quite traditional wedding. The ill-fated thing about that, though, is that most times when …...