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Centerpieces, Take 2

I’m not in love with flowers, mainly the temporariness & the price tag. So I decided early on against them in regards to centerpieces, see more about that journey here. I thought I had come to a decision about our centerpieces months ago, but then when I tried to put that into action, I got much more frustrated than I thought I ever would. For the record, making 4 dozen attractive functioning, paper pinwheels? Not an easy task!

So it was back to the drawing board; I started looking at Etsy, Pinterest, and about every wedding blog and magazine possible. I had already eliminated the idea of candles, because there would be a lot of kids running around (our extended family isn’t exactly known for having our little ones sitting still!) and I didn’t want to start a fire or anything.

We already spent $82 on our *table number alternatives*; these Ferris wheel prints made by The Sneaky Penguin, that we framed ourselves using frames we found at the Dollar Tree. We’re setting it up so each different colored wheel would be matched by a flower vase filled with something other than flowers, and then our guests would find their tables by color.

carnival theme

I then remembered how much I love balloons. Both from a visual and a cost perspective, they seemed like the logical choice. They’d match our carnival theme, and we could easily get them in 10 different colors! Once that was out of the way, I started searching for helium tanks, or places that would fill our balloons. The costs were much higher than I expected, $30 a tank, and we might need more than 1? So I started thinking about how else could we do it… Then it hit me! Balloons on a stick! It was easy, I could buy a pump, around 100 sticks and then arrange them in a vase like I would a flower bouquet.

With 6 months left of planning, I’ll be getting the balloons and test it out with a mock-up to see how it looks. Wish me luck!



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