Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

Bianca here, checking in with my first BSB post. Sherrod and I have been engaged for about three weeks now, and it’s funny how many times we’ve changed our plans. Our date has changed at least 7 times, with dates ranging from January to May. But what’s firm and won’t change is our budget of $15K…unless it’s LESS of course.

You should know that I am a “champagne taste on a beer budget” kinda gal—always have been. I believe in quality, purpose, and practicality. Sherrod is mostly a “budget” kinda guy, and I couldn’t possibly explain his philosophy any other way than B-U-D-G-E-T. He latched on to this commercial and can be frequently heard belting, “I like savings the money.” Together, we clip coupons, cook, go on road trips, and laugh with (and sometimes at) one another. We’re made for each other in so many ways.

As it pertains to our wedding, Sherrod isn’t that much into the details outside of banning princess sparkles and anything too overtly feminine. However, he’s very very concerned about the bottom line and is insistent on not busting that magic $15K figure we settled upon.

budget or less --edited

The average wedding costs nearly $30K and I simply can’t fathom spending what amounts to a brand new car or a hefty mortgage down payment on a wedding. I didn’t live on the block with the Joneses, but I’ve heard of them and we’ll never share the same values. Even with champagne taste, you can have a fabulous wedding for half of what the Joneses spend or less, it just requires a little discipline and a lot of creativity.

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I may have started my budget a little different than most. Knowing that things cost more than we want to spend, I set a high budget based on things that are important to us and the going rate for quality services. Based on preliminary research, our high budget came in at just over $20K—definitely not going to happen. The plan is to cut our way down to $15K by way of smart shopping, DIY projects, and ultimately sacrifice. At the moment, we’re over by $1500, but I will continue to tweak things until we get under $15K. Take a look:

high cost - low cost

Our top priorities are photography and catering for 150 guests—Sherrod has a big family and is footing a great portion of the budget himself. With that in mind, videography, flowers, cake and wardrobe are on the table for reductions. So to all of the BSB readers out there I ask, what would you do? Do you have any suggestions on how I can get more for less?

Sherrod and I have some tough choices ahead, but the best choice has already been made—each other.

Bianca and Sherrod

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