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Changing Your Mind
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*I have changed my mind 3 times since planning; guest list, invitations & venue. I will be posting about these decision changes again.

While vacationing in the Philippines, I needed to go shopping for a formal dress to wear to a cousin’s wedding. In the shopping center though, I wasn’t expecting to see such a broad array of wedding gowns, and since I was shopping with my mom, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to look.

Even though I had bought a dress earlier (see here), while shopping I got sucked into the idea of a fancy gown to wear when I pledge to love him for the rest of my life. And everything there was so affordable! Dresses that would cost thousands of dollars in the US, were $300 and the dress that I eventually bought ended up costing $88.

As much as I loved my original dress, and the Converse Chuck Taylors, DIY side swept hairstyle and Lip Smackers lip gloss I was going to wear with it; the idea of getting all dolled up with a ball gown and full face of make-up was really tempting once I saw that dress! In all the planning for this wedding, I’ve noticed how no matter how casual a wedding was; the bride was always the most glamorous person in the room.

So instead of being a slightly dressed up version of myself as I originally planned, I will be wearing a dress that I WILL only be wearing once.

Have you ever changed your mind about something that you thought you felt strongly about? Leave a comment!


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I'm Denise, and in May of 2013 I'll be marrying my best friend of over a decade. By the time we get married, we'll have had a 2 year engagement. I also post on my own blog

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  • Renae

    (Gasp!) What! You’re getting another dress! Well, you all know where I stand on this topic ;-).

    But I totally understand where you’re coming from. This line really hit it home, ‘I’ve noticed how no matter how casual a wedding was; the bride was always the most glamorous person in the room.’. When will you start shopping around for a second dress? Your wedding is 2 months away?


  • No, this post was stating that I DID buy a 2nd dress while vacationing in the Philippines; got it for $88, and is super cute. My wedding is in May of this year.

  • Renae

    Oh, Sorry! I misunderstood it. 🙁 But I still agree, every bride deserves to look glamorous on her day.

  • Shyleen

    Hi Denise,

    I am going to the Philippines next month and I wasn’t expecting to go wedding dress “window” shopping until I just got recently engaged. My mom and I are super excited to go check out some styles and designs! I am glad that you found the perfect dress for your special day 🙂

    • Where in the Philippines will you be staying at?

      I would suggest you check out *Divisoria* if you are going to be staying
      in the Metro Manila area; you can negotiate the prices and they are very reasonable.

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