A cheap DIY Save the Date idea!

Have you ever noticed how many sites and people there are that will tell you what you need, what you like and what you should have to ensure the best wedding possible?  Some are well meaning and some are simply capitalizing on the fondly kept and anticipated dreams of little girls that have practiced walking down the aisle since they were five.  To be honest, I love hearing how others have made their day happen and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from those who have gone before or been in the business long enough to know.  In all of this, I’ve learned when it is all said and done, it is the pieces that represent the two of us that are most satisfying.

Take our Save the Date’s for example.  Because our engagement is not a long one and to save on the elastic in the purse strings, we decided to send as many as possible via e-mail.  I scoured different sites, looking for a Save the Date that fit us, but most came up short.  I liked the features associated with sites like Celebrations.com, but I didn’t want a cookie cutter Save the Date.

With this revelation, I began to think about things that are special to us as individuals and to our relationship.  Then it hit me.  My wonderful Fiance is Mr. Weather Man.  He is a hobbyist meteorologist, so much so that most of our friends ask him what is developing before consulting Weather.com.  The result:

Issue a Wedding Watch!

We haven’t gotten around to engagement pictures just yet, so I picked out a favorite shot from one of our first dates.  I’m not that proficient in photo shop, so, as an Admin, I stuck to what I know and designed our Wedding Forecast in PowerPoint.  After a little nipping and tucking, I saved it as an .jpeg and BAM– personalized photo concept ready to upload into a free Save the Date provided by Celebrations.com.

Not a graphic designer but you want something personal?  Break out some of your clerical skills.  Don’t want something that has been done to death? Find something that makes the two of you the two of you and embrace it.

So, I guess to sum it all up, for me, the key to saving money so far has been sticking to who we are and not just caving to what people tell me we need.  The result: a Save the Date that our friends and family love because it is so us, or so all our posse tells us ;).

Let me know what you think! For a cheap DIY save the date idea, I’m pretty proud of it!

Photo Credit: Cameron Fry & Lyssah Ferguson. Save the Date layout credit: Celebrations.com

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