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Chic and Elegant Table Centerpieces

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‘Tis the Season!!

I can’t believe how Christmas has really snuck up on me this year! I am not sure if it’s because of all this wedding craziness or what, but I feel light years behind!

Oddly enough, tonight I am going over to my Matron of Honor’s house to meet with her and my Maid of Honor for dinner and to do some “mock trials” for my centerpieces. I have gathered most of the items I envision being on the table, but it’s time to test them out all together on a round table similar to my venue, with my napkins, plates, ivory table clothes, the whole kit and caboodle! Due to my lack of planning these past few weeks, I have not taken a picture of all the stuff together (I will come back and post one after tonight, though!).

What I am saying is, until tomorrow, you’re going to have to use your imagination

Firstly, I want to show you the picture that I had pinned on my Pinterest board since before I even got engaged. This was my “inspiration” picture!

centerpieces - my inspirationThanks for the inspiration Green Wedding Shoes

I love the pink, green, and gold together!

I chose to go with gold lanterns, rather than silver. We are using a combination of these three from Hobby Lobby:
latern 2lantern 1 lanern 1

The lanterns will be on half of the tables. The other half will have fresh flowers [still deciding on type! Suggestions are much appreciated]!

Inside the lanterns will be a candle and around the lantern will be some pink hydrangea garland that I picked up on a clearance rack spontaneously. We are going to string these ah-mazing battery operated “fairy lights” through the garland to add some extra sparkle


Now, surrounding the lanterns and flowers will be several little “do-dads,” as J calls them (Gotta love ‘im!). In the yellow-green jars will be two single navy blue flowers
[  Gold Tea Light Holders (similar)  •  Clear Jar with Arrow Lid  •   Yellow-Green Jar  ]

pols-potten-ball-tealight-holder-whiglass container 131359_1[5]

As for the place settings… I chose to go sort of simple here! I really like white plates, but I COULD NOT decide on a napkin color. I am renting my napkins from this online store for a really great steal, but I ordered nice plastic plates. Given my indecisiveness on the napkins, I rented one of each to “test out” tonight! (Final results to come soon!). Who knows – maybe we will use a combo!!

navycafeplateclover moss

Okay – So, can you see it?? What do you think of my interpretation of the original centerpiece? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

I do think it is important to note that everything except for the lanterns, napkins, and plates are approximations of what I am actually using.. because as I noted earlier in this post I. need. to. get. it. together . The majority of my items were actually more budget-friendly than those listed in the hyperlinks. I included these to give you some options, however, because the items I have purchased off clearance are probably not being sold anymore!

Now a bonus section with a tip for those who are decorating their own weddings the day/night before.

Once you have all of the necessary items, gather some boxes or cute baskets that you can re-use later, and separate what goes on each table into it’s own individual basket. I am also going to take pictures of the various ways we set up the table tonight to print off and put in the basket. This will make it MUCH easier for those helping you the day before to execute your vision and minimize micromanaging!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see how my table turned out!


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