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Choosing Not To Freak Out

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Jillian Beaudry

This post is backdated, but worth sharing. Life seems to pop up and happen while planning a wedding and sometimes you just have to go with it. xoxo-Jessica


 personalized cocktail napkins

Happy November BSB-ers!

Life has been a whirlwind the past week. It’s early November and I’m 38 days from my wedding. Unfortunately, my maternal grandmother had a stroke last week and is expected to pass on any day now. My mother is two hours from me by Grandma’s side and even though I visited last weekend, all I can think about is the two of them. And to be honest, it’s really tough to be happy and focus on the last wedding details when my family is so upset.

Meanwhile, packages containing welcome guest boxes, the bridesmaid bouquets and gifts come to our home every day. And all I’m doing is checking the contents and shuffling it all into the designated “wedding room,” which used to be one of our guest rooms.

I came into work tonight to tie up some loose ends from the day and I saw our cocktail napkins and coasters had been delivered. The personalized cocktail napkins are special because they have the recipe of our signature cocktail on them. They’re beautiful, but the wrong color.

Typically, I would have been very upset. It’s late and the dog is running around and it’s just been so crazy lately. But, instead, I chose to be calm and just accept that while they’re not the right color, they’ll certainly work. I wanted gray, I got blue, it’s OK.

I called my mom and she agreed that blue might be an even better choice because the cocktail is bright blue. It was good to hear her out but I still felt bad calling her knowing she was with my grandma and had bigger things on her plate. But, we’re going with blue and we’ll carry on. I’ll still email the company to let it know it wasn’t what I asked for (I checked my records) but right now it has to be the least of my worries.

How are you all dealing with things that don’t go right in the final days?

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Jillian Beaudry

runs a weekly newspaper in a small town in Eastern Washington State. She got married in 2012 - You can read her wedding planning posts here.