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I consider myself lucky with my wedding planning because my big must have was booked within a few weeks of our engagement – the photographer. Yep, the photography was my number one wedding must-have. Ya’ll should know something about me – I have always attached memories and feelings to the things that I look at. For example, I have a water bottle that my 12-year-old sister saved up for and bought me as a Christmas present. Every time I see it – I smile.

Wedding Photographer

I love having my memories up and out where I can see them and relive them; thus, the photography for my wedding was SUPER important. I wanted gorgeous photos that told the story of the day that we became a family. That meant coughing up the dough, skipping the DIY path, and hiring a pro. Here’s how I did it:

Wedding Photographer

The first part of the hunt was figuring out exactly what kind of photography I wanted: traditional, posed, candid, photo-journalism, artist, retro? I basically spent loads of time looking at photos and seeing which style “spoke” to me. After lots of looking, I realized that I really liked candid shots and more of the photo-journalism style (along with a few traditional, posed shots for my mom). Also, I wanted a photographer who could take beautiful stylized shots of my DIY projects and décor so that I can showcase them on Kiss My Tulle.

Next, I really had to decide on a budget. ***FULL DISCLOSURE: Because I own and operate a for-profit wedding blog, if I use any of the photography from my wedding day on the blog – I can write-off the entire expense.*** With this in mind, The Boy and I have treated the wedding photography as a completely separate part of our wedding budget – we are treating it like a business expense. It was determined that we could afford to spend $2,000 – $3,500 on this wedding expense (so basically, my $7,500 wedding is really going to be a 5k wedding).

Wedding Photographer

Next, came the actual finding of the photographer – not that easy when you consider the fact that I am planning a wedding in a city that I’ve only recently moved to. I tried Googling it but was overwhelmed by choices. Enter a local wedding fair -where I made it my goal to find my wedding photography before I left it. At the show, I looked over the portfolios of each photographer there and the end of the wedding fair, I had narrowed my choice down to two vendors. I liked both so I decided to interview them. I approached each vendor and was very upfront about the fact that I was talking to them because I was trying to decide between two vendors. Then came the interview portion of the day. I asked each photographer the same set of questions:

  • What experience do you have with photography and with shooting weddings?
  • Do you offer a free engagement photo session?
  • Will there be two photographers shooting the entire wedding?
  • Do you have experience shooting middle-aged/not-model-looking people?
  • Do you have experience doing wedding shoots with pets?
  • Do you have experience/feel comfortable shooting a wedding with an autistic child in the wedding party?
  • Can you travel to our wedding venue (our home)?
  • How many images will you release to us after the wedding?
  • Are your images copyright-free so that we can print them whenever and wherever we want?
  • How long do you display the images online after the wedding so that our guests can view them?
  • Are you willing to do a few traditional, posed wedding shots for my mom?
  • Do you have experience doing detail shots (for my blog)?

Wedding Photographer

All Images Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

After asking those questions and really listening to the answers I was given, I was able to make a decision. I headed right over to my selected photographer, asked to book my wedding date, and whipped out my checkbook to make my deposit. If you live in the San Antonio/Hill Country area – book Miranda Laine Photography – you will not regret it!

Miranda Laine Photography + Cris = WEDDING AWESOMENESS 4-EVAH!!!

Weddomg Photographer

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  • I completely understand. The photographer was one of the top things we focused on for our wedding (and one of the most expensive) but it was totally worth it. I have never loved photos as much as I love our wedding photos!!!

  • Ann

    I really really like this wedding… 🙂

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