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Finding a photographer was the second most important thing on our wedding plan list (the first being the venue). I quickly found out that this is not a service that comes cheap, and we had decided that if we had to shell out the big bucks for a collection of memories then so be it. I scoured websites, forums, magazines, top ten lists, etc. in search of a photographer that was creative, had a journalistic style and wouldn't direct us to do (too many) cheesy poses. The amazingly fantastical ones all came with a price tag of about $2,500+. My heart sank wondering where we would come up with the money to pay for such extravagant excellence.

As a last ditch effort I found myself on Craigslist. The advertisements ranged from hokey what seemed to be “fly by night” companies, individuals and large scale outfits. Each one promised to be the best of the best, and perhaps my tastes are unlike the general customer but most of what I saw was pretty crappy. Cue heart sinking coupled with anxiety. Then (there's always a “then” isn't there?) I found KimThao Photography and I'm just going to put this out there — I absolutely adore them. Yes, them; they are a wife and husband (Kim and Jimmy respectively) creative super team.

After some email correspondence and some Flicker portfolio checking we were ready to set-up a meeting. I should also mention that Kim and Jimmy are by far the most reasonably priced photographers that we have come across–Period. Our package includes:

  • Engagement Session with both photographers (no time limit)
  • Engagement Photos (professionally retouched sent via “WeTransfer”)
  • Wedding Session with both photographers (also, again — no time limit)
  • Wedding Photos (professionally retouched sent via “WeTransfer”)
  • All photos to be sent within about 24 hours of the event

Total Price: $500. Seriously — 500 bones. Amazing? Yea–I know. Also, photos within (approximately) 24 hours? That's basically unheard of. What's even better is that Kim and Jimmy are incredibly charming, amiable and talented. They work really well together and they made Japh and I feel very comfortable during the Engagement shoot we did earlier this month. Here are a few of our most favorite shots:

wedding photographer
I had a hard time keeping a straight face

wedding photographer

Normally we aren't into the “cutesy forehead to forehead” thing, but we dig this one

 wedding photographer

All together now…”Awwwww…”


wedding photographer
Taken a few blocks away from our apartment under “The Hellgate Bridge” in Astoria


wedding photographer
One of our favorite picnic spots under the Hellgate


wedding photographer
Gazing into our future…Kidding 😉


wedding photographer
Probably my favorite but Japh say's that only because I look better in it than he does 🙂


wedding photographer
Enjoying drinks at Crescent & Vine — the best wine & craft beer bar in Astoria


wedding photographer
I cannot say that I'm terribly fond of this one but Japh really loves it


wedding photographer
I don't recall how this happened but I kinda think it's great

We took these on Saturday June 2nd in the afternoon. We shot mainly in Astoria Park which is what Japh lovingly likes to call “Our Park” due to the proximity it is to our home. It just seemed like the perfect place for us to get some great photos of ourselves. At around 7p the following day I had an email with photos to download from Kim and Jimmy. I know I mentioned it before but I just cannot get over how dedicated Kim is when it comes to turnaround time. She really is passionate about photography and being a client of theirs is a serious treat. They're currently based in New York, Manchester (UK) and Paris. If you live in any of these areas I definitely recommend reaching out to them.  More samples of their work  can be found on their Facebook Page.

General Note:

We haven't received any discounts or extras from Kim Thao Photography for going on and on about them in this manner.We genuinely are incredibly pleased with their services and wish them loads of luck with their business.




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  • jenna

    That's quite a steal!! And your engagement pictures are lovely, but mostly I wanted to say that your boots kick quite a lot of butt. I'm enamoured!

    • Thanks Jenna! As for the boots, I picked them up last year at an antique show located in upstate New York. Sometimes vendors who specialize in certain items will have a few items that aren't their typical wares–as is the case with these boots. I spotted them sitting on a table at a booth that specialized in antique tools and bric-a-brac. I immediately put them on and they fit (although they were a touch tight). After doing some initial inspecting I dated the shoes (based on experience) somewhere around 1900-1915. I just had to have them. When I asked the fella how much he wanted for them he said $20! Sold.

  • wed4less

    This is a great post. I found my photographer for $800 on craigslist, and I couldn't be happier. I'm so glad you found your photographer for a price that fit your budget!

  • Meg

    What a great deal Michelle! and your engagement photos are lovely. I too looked on craigslist and the examples on there were pretty scary!

  • A word of caution: It's extremely rare for budget savvy couples to find a good engagement or wedding photographer on Craigslist. More often than not, the photographers advertising there, are amateur or hobbyist photographers with very little experience. While there's nothing wrong with that, it does mean you run the very real risk of your wedding photos being amateur and unprofessional.

    Not such a big deal for engagement photos, as those can be re-shot. But you've only got one chance to get amazing wedding photos and – as they're the one tangible, visible memory of your day that lasts forever – it's worth the expense to hire a professional.

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