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While some brides begin planning their wedding with a clear sense of what they want it to look like, I began my wedding focusing on a collection elements that I liked and Mr. M approved of.  As the various pieces have come together, our wedding style has solidified.


So what is our wedding style?

I'm defining it as simple English-Midwestern chic.


So many words there that don't immediately seem to go together.  What do they mean?

  • Simple: Natural & understated.
  • English: “Downton Abbey” + “Doc Martin” + a dash of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.
  • Midwestern: Think food, dancing and a good time. 
  • Chic: Dressy & elegant.


So how are we pulling together this wedding style?

Lace.  A traditional chapel.  Dark wood.  Cowboy boots in a picture or two.  Pink, red and white roses.  Gold and silver.  A musical nod to “Lord of the Rings.”  Glass vases.  Old books.  Candlelight. Set tables with name cards. Our favorite songs, including “Wagon Wheel” and “Beer for my horses.”


Will it be a bit eclectic?  Yes.  Are we defying the “wedding rules”? Probably.  Do I love how it's shaping up?  Yes.


If you have an idea of your dream wedding style it will be oh-so helpful as you're making decisions.  However, if you're a bit more like me and are trying to figure out what you want your wedding to look like, take heart!  Start making note of your favorite wedding-things, and you'll find your wedding style coming together.


How did you come to a decision on your wedding style?

Is your chosen wedding style as eclectic as ours?

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About Abby

Abby wrote about her wedding at The Budget-Savvy Bride in 2013 and 2014. She loves sharing info and advice with brides about how to create beautiful weddings that they love. Abby lives in the Midwest with her husband and dog.

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  • We had an idea of what we wanted, but there are a couple of key elements that came to us later. We are going for a fun and whimsical vibe throughout with the outdoors and newgrass music. Our save the date had an ampersand, and it quickly became an element we used in other parts of the wedding. Also, we are using circles in different areas too. My dress has polka dots, and all of my jewelry is circular. We’re definitely being a little different, but I love it!

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