Choosing our Photographer

When most couples create their budget and figure out what is most important to them, they choose photography as one of their “splurges”. So if you read my budget post, you were probably wondering why we didn’t choose photography as one of our “splurges”, and the answer is simple – we knew we could get great photography at a great price. We also knew when choosing our photographer, we wanted someone we felt comfortable with and would be able to enjoy our day knowing great pictures were being taken.

Annette Calud Photography

Annette Calud Photography

I have followed numerous wedding blogs since becoming engaged, so I’ve seen my fair share of great pictures and great photographers, but after contacting a few of them, I knew there was NO WAY I was going to spend $5,000 on a photographer. I know for some people that is possible and worth it, but I couldn’t imagine doing that with our budget. We’d have to cut back in so many other areas that were important to us, and we didn’t want to have to do that.

I, then, started searching for photographers within our budget and truthfully wasn’t too impressed with our options. We wanted someone who could take great portraits, but also capture the joy and excitement of our wedding day. Then it dawned on me – we have a family friend who is a talented photographer. However, she doesn’t do it full-time, so although I was hesitant to ask her if she would be willing and able to be our photographer within our price range, I knew I would regret not asking.

Thankfully, she agreed and I couldn’t be more excited to have her photograph our wedding day. I became even more excited during our engagement pictures when I felt so comfortable with her and loved the results of our photos! She is great at getting wonderful portraits, but also caught so many in the moment pictures of our little family.

Annette Calud Photography

I love the joy this picture captures — It wasn’t planned, but it’s one of my favorites from our engagement pictures. Courtesy of Annette Calud Photography

Have you chosen your photographer?
How are family and friends helping to contribute to your wedding?

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