Choosing the Venue… a.k.a. Why a Destination Wedding?


Because we want to go on vacation! Well, that is not the only reason, but I do believe it was a factor!

Okay, in all honesty, I have no idea. Well, I have no one specific answer. There were a lot of factors that led to the decision to have a destination wedding. Neither my fiancé nor I are particularly fond of huge crowds, nor being the centre of attention. I have been to huge beautiful weddings, and while they are indeed lovely, and while I do indeed swoon a little when I see it all, that just isn’t me. Nor him. So we knew it would have to be an intimate occasion, whatever it was, in order to suit us.

We also knew we would not have it in my hometown. So many factors with that one. His family is not from there. My entire family lives there. Which means goodbye to the intimate wedding plan. I only go there a couple times a year, so if I am planning something from a distance, it may as well be in a place that is incredibly beautiful. Once we happened upon the idea of a destination wedding, it fit. We briefly talked about the beach wedding, and then we talked about a wedding weekend in the mountains. It would have been more accessible to family and friends, which was a bonus, and his parents live in the mountains. Another bonus. It would have been more expensive, however, which was a definite concern. And when we realized that there would still be a lot of people unable to make it (grandparents, for example), we thought, why not just go for what we originally wanted anyway? You are only (theoretically) do this once, right? Why not do something intimate and beautiful and perfect for us? He did propose overlooking the ocean, after all.

So it was settled.

Then we started looking at locations. We had each been to several places in Mexico, so we wanted something different. We are “lay around on a beach” people. We wanted something relaxing. I want to get up the morning of my wedding, go for a little swim, drink a mimosa or two, wander off to the spa, and get ready, all with little stress. I want to be in the pool in the morning, have to look for a watch, and say, “Well, I guess it is time to get out; I am getting married today, after all.” I want to spend a week hanging out with family and friends. I want to hear waves lapping at the shore when we say our “I Do’s”. I want to wear my wedding dress into the ocean (you read that right!).  With this image in mind, we narrowed down our search. This is about how it went:

Me: The beaches are supposed to be fabulous in the Dominican. Has anyone who would be coming been there before?

Him: Don’t think so.

Me: Settled.

Then we looked at locations. We started looking at Punta Cana. Then we stumbled upon a site for some Samana resorts. Not very many people travel there, but that was okay by us; actually, rather preferred! We found one location in a chain of resorts that we had both heard great things about. Then we found a neighboring resort from the same chain… on its own island.


Yes, you read that right. Its. Own. Island.

How can you pass that up? As soon as we found it, we knew. So we will be getting married at Gran Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado. I have never been there before. It’s okay, all you brides out there wondering, “But how can you plan if you have never even been to the location…?”

That is a post for another day.

Would you ever consider a destination wedding? Why or why not?

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