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Choosing Wedding Flowers by Afloral

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When it comes to weddings, flowers can be a big expense. You probably already know that here at The Budget Savvy Bride, we love to share cost-friendly alternatives to fresh flowers.

One of the best substitutes, of course, are silk flowers, because they are the most realistic. With silk, you can also choose from a large selection of many different colors that would not be available in fresh varieties depending on what’s currently in season or even available in nature.

Silk flowers are perfect for a DIY bride, because they allow you to customize your wedding flowers to match your personal style. Not only that, you can store them forever as a keepsake and reminder of your special day by incorporating them into your home decor! Re-using and repurposing your wedding flowers is the ultimate budget savvy move! ?

Our friends at Afloral have a vast selection of different silk flowers to help you create the perfect wedding bouquet or decor that you can treasure for years to come! Here are a few of our favorite arrangements made with silk flowers available at Afloral!

Choosing Wedding Flowers

I would never have thought these were silk– those succulents are to die for! See this page that tells you the exact pieces you need to recreate this bouquet along with a step-by-step tutorial! Price-wise they are much less than the cost of purchasing fresh flowers, but you can keep them forever!

Choosing Wedding Flowers
Choosing Wedding Flowers
Choosing Wedding Flowers

As seen above, you can embellish your silk bouquet with some Raffia, ribbon, antique lace handkerchiefs, doilies or even burlap- whatever suits your personal style, to create a one-of-a-kind look that is perfect for your wedding day! I love the two-toned ribbon on the pink bouquet above- it’s stunning!

Choosing Wedding Flowers
Choosing Wedding Flowers

Check out the dazzling colors in these bouquets below- the bright blue orchids matched with peacock feathers makes for a stunning effect you’d have trouble creating with fresh blooms. See this page with all the ingredients to DIY this bouquet yourself!

There are options for every bride, no matter her style– some brides like to stick with one color and several variations of that hue while others choose dozens of different assorted stems. There are options for a more natural, rustic look or brilliant pops of vibrant color. The possibilities really are endless! I fell down the rabbit hole browsing their bouquet tutorials that show you how to create tons of different silk bouquet styles. Some of my favorites are below, to see how to make these lovely styles and more, visit the Afloral site where you can purchase everything you need to make your own stunning bouquet!

Choosing Wedding Flowers

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