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Cleaning Tips for Your Newlywed Home

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cleaning tips for your newlywed home
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This is a sponsored post as a part of a campaign I’m doing with Swiffer and Mr. Clean. My opinions are my own.

If you follow me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc) you might have seen me post a few updates about our new place! We recently moved from one old and run down charming NYC apartment building to another. And just like anyone does when they move, we did some MAJOR deep cleaning before we unpacked our lives into our new space. There’s just something about a clean home that makes you relax and feel good, ya know? Starting fresh, with a clean slate (and a clean living space) truly feels amazing.

Even though the hubs and I have been married for close to a decade, (did you know we celebrated 7 years married earlier this month?? Relive the magic of our budget savvy wedding) I still like to try to keep that newlywed romance alive in any way possible. And let me tell you… nothing kills the romance like a dirty home!! If you’re anything like me (and most women, I’d expect) you need a distraction-free space to feel relaxed and ready for romance, amiright? *wink*

When you first move in with your spouse, you might need to take some time to decide how you will divide up your household chores. Talking about this together and making a plan will help keep you both from getting annoyed with each other over the amount of cleaning you’re each doing. Here’s some of my favorite tips for keeping your space clean for a harmonious and happy home!

cleaning tips for your newlywed home

Housekeeping and Cleaning Tips for Your Newlywed Home:

  1. Set a Cleaning Schedule
    Decide what needs to be cleaned and how often to keep your place spic and span!
  2. Divide Up Your Chores
    Decide who will take on which cleaning jobs on your schedule.
  3. Keep Cleaning Supplies on Hand
    Half the battle is having what you need to keep the home clean. We’re sharing some favorite products below!
  4. Create a Cleaning Playlist
    Listening to your favorite tunes or even a Podcast while cleaning can make it more fun and help to pass the time.
  5. Set the Scent for Your Home
    Choose a favorite scent and purchase air fresheners or candles in your favorite scent to keep your home smelling fresh.

 Keeping your place fresh and clean might take a bit of adulting, but thanks to these must-have products, it’s at least easier and more efficient than ever to keep things spic and span, and keep your place feeling brand new clean. Let’s take a look at these fab products!!

swiffer and mr clean products



Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

mr clean magic eraser

They don’t call these things magic for nothing, y’all. I discovered the wonders of the Magic Eraser in college, when one of my roommates had MAJOR OCD and was an all-around clean freak. She used the Magic Eraser to work wonders in our shared bathroom, making our tiled tub look nearly brand new with very little effort. Thus began my love affair with this simple, versatile cleaning product. There are so many uses for the Magic Eraser:

  • removes scuff marks on walls and floors, use them to wipe away marks made during the move!
  • shines chrome and brass – great for sink and shower fixtures to make them sparkle like new!
  • lifts dirt, soap scum and grease – you’ll be amazed at what they can do to a grimy bathtub!

I love that Magic Erasers contain no harsh chemicals but are still super effective at cleaning!! I am constantly learning new ways and reasons to use them. I love this list of ways to use Magic Erasers around your home — it’s seriously a game-changer.

Swiffer Products

Swiffer Cleaning Products

There are several products in the Swiffer Family of products, and they are all super handy to have around the house for big and small cleaning jobs. Swiffer’s easy to use sweeping, mopping and dusting tools will help you clean pretty much any surface in your home!

Swiffer Wet Jet:

  • All-in-one system that cleans floors thoroughly
  • Uses cleaning solutions specially formulated to break up and dissolve tough messes
  • Has a dual spray nozzle to spray cleaning solution on your floor while you use it
  • The head swivels for easy maneuvering

Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet

  • 2-in-1 tool, can be used dry or wet
  • Works on hard surfaces like tile, wood or laminate
  • Dry cloths have deep ridges and grooves to trap and lock dirt, dust and hair
  • Wet cloths dissolve dirt and grime and picks it up

Swiffer 360 Duster

  • Handheld duster with 360 degrees of dusting power
  • Great for dusting every surface from TVs to chandeliers
  • Traps dust instead of spreading it around like a feather duster
  • Flexible head to get into hard to reach places

HGTV’s Jonathan Scott says that cleaning is the first step to making a house a home, and he’s teamed up with Swiffer and Mr. Clean to educate movers on how to maintain a clean slate and keep their homes looking like new. You can check out his tips in the video below (some of them are pretty budget savvy!)


The best part is that these products are super affordable, so you can make your home look like a million bucks without spending a fortune 😉

Have you used these awesome cleaning supplies before?

Which is your favorite?



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